Friday, November 27, 2015

Mennonite Madness Outro and Lilian Gospel CD Covers

This is the general outro for the Mennonite Madness Pamphlet.  It provides context and commentary on what happened during the destruction of the Mennonites in Salt Lake City.
I've also included 2 CD covers, which are supposed to represent the different shades of Lilian Gospel Music.


General Secretary's General Outro



 115_kaho_tatie_8 -
So there you have it!  Through negotiation, some level of compromise, and serious, on the ground, recruitment, we were able to increase our membership, and our Acolyte rolls, by around 40%, and 60%, respectively.  Now some, within our Temple, and within the overall Temple Community, that making these deals, and fostering these relationships, was wrong.  That we should have rejected the Mormons on all levels, avoided making *any* kind of deal, and continued along our merry way, as total outlaws, with zero capability to affect any real change, outside of our contacts within CPS.  This is certainly an approach that has been taken, by many of our smaller Circles and Covens.  The obvious issue, however, is that the Salt Lake City Temple, is just that.  A *Temple*.  It's not a Regional Temple yet, but we've certainly got the people now, and we've got the means of sustaining them, as well.  That sort of thing can't happen when your Nuns and Priestesses are checking over their shoulders every 10 minutes, when taking a potential convert out for ice cream.  It can't happen, when you've got mothers, potential priestesses, who have to drop out of the entire program, so that they can go and be waitresses at the local breakfast dive.  Whether we like it or not, compromise is a part of life, and it's a part of revolution.  The Mormons saw an opportunity to swell their numbers, and they took it.  *Because* our temple is powerful, and *because* we were a necessary part of their plan, we were able to siphon off potential Jehovan converts, and save them from the Jehovan brainwashing, that was sure to ensue.  Instead of losing all of those sweet boys and girls to the Mormons, we lost half.  It's not ideal, but it's still a victory, and in the land of "Deseret", those victories are hard to come by.  I believe that the "Salt Lake Model" can be used in future expansion, into areas that have so far been difficult to reach, such as the Former Soviet States, and the American South.  When we fight openly, with zero regard for the safety of our children, we lose them, along with our Temples, *and* our freedom.  When we play the slow game, and use our natural advantages, to take victories where we can, we eventually win.  The Jehovans have said that it is impossible for an organization like ours to exist among them for long, deep in the pits of their oppression.  What they fail to understand, is the relationship between the average woman, oppressed by Jehovan tyranny, and Lilian Revolutionary.  The former is akin to a vast ocean, with the latter, being the fish who inhabits it.  Who can say, that the two cannot exist together?

Sister Alicia - Mother Sophia's Favorites

In Thy Temple, Great Mother
Lead Me Into Love Eternal
Dearest Children, She is Near You
Shall We Meet Beyond the Clover
I Am Thine, My Lady
As We Gather At Your Bower
All Who Lust, Gather Gladly
Mansions of the Mother
Gentle Lilith Raised Her Child
Sisters, We Have Met to Worship
We Are One As We Come
Unto Her Visage

Sister Beatrice and The Joyful Boys - Singing to Our Goddess

Leaning On the Everlasting Boobs
She Hideth My Bone
Sweet Rest in Lilith
From Eugene to Uruk
My Cock She Raised
There is a Fountain Filled With Cum
Her Lips Lifted Me
Victory in Lilith
And Can It Be, That I Should Stroke
The Temple's Jubilee
Pass Me Not, O Sexy Mother
Baptized in Breastmilk

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