Friday, November 27, 2015

Mennonite Madness Outro and Lilian Gospel CD Covers Retrospective

Hooray, another pamphlet finished.  I have no clue what I'll be doing next.  Maybe finishing up some of those Grimoire pages that I've been putting off, maybe I'll do the Night Journey pamphlet that I've been putting off.  I've got like 4 or 5 sets that are just begging for pamphlets, so there's no lack of ideas.  I just have to pick one, for now.
What I might do, is start off (or do previews or something) for 3 different pamphlets, and then ask you guys which one you want me to tackle.


The Mennonite Madness Outro picture probably should have been a bit larger, in retrospect.  I would have liked for it to be more visible, since she's fully naked.  But I just had to get in my Maoist quotes for the day.  Sometimes I do wish that I wasn't so attached to the 640x400 resolution, but really, it does keep me from writing too much.  Even though I write too much, anyway.  I'd write even more, if I had full resolution pics to work with.  All that said, I might go back and chop off the GenSec's legs here, to get a bigger focus on the good parts.  Maybe.  I'll see how it looks.
Yeah, I just went ahead and changed it.  It looks slightly better now.
The text here is less of a recap, and more of a rebuttal, to a accusation that hasn't actually been levied.  It's kiiiind of unnecessary, but hey, it's what I wrote.  It's probably better than recapping the shit that the end user just got done reading.  So the General Secretary essentially explains the concept of Guerrilla Warfare here, complete with a Quote from "On Guerrilla Warfare", at the end.  I think it's nice to throw these little bits in here, just to remind the reader that the Lilians do consider themselves to be revolutionaries, and they do consider their boyfucking to be a revolutionary act.  I was also able to kind of retcon in an explanation for why there aren't any Russian or USA Southern Regional Temples.  Also, Sex Guerrillas.  Someday I'll use that, even if it's in one of my CD Covers.

Woooo, segue.  These CD covers essentially came about because I saw some picture of "Christ-Chan" singing "Leaning On the Everlasting Arms", so I looked it up, and then I couldn't get that fucking song out of my head.  Anyway, I realized that I didn't have any Lilian Hymns.
Now, realistically, would the Lilians have hymns?  I guess it depends on what "Lilian Temple Services" actually are.  I've kind of joked, at times, that they're a bit like those southern baptist black churches.  You know the ones.  Of course, the Lilians would have more sex during the service, but it would more or less be the same call and response, high energy, 'party in the pews' style atmosphere.  The 'laying on hands' bits would obviously make some kind of appearance.  A "700 Club" style show, where boys call in, and a High Priestess dirty-talks them live on air, would be fun, too. 
But anyway, these are all basically Christian hymns, with a couple of key words changed, to make them into Lilian hymns.  The wobblies did this too, by the way, to form their "Little Red Songbook".  But they had lyrics, whereas I'm not bothering. 

The big, "interesting" thing here, is the dichotomy between the Portland Temple's hymn CD, and the DC Temple's hymn CD.  The DC Temple's is far less pornographic, focuses on "Mother Sophia", and really, looks like a real CD.  This looks like something that you could purchase in a store, and nobody would think anything of it.
The Portland CD, however, is much more lewd, even the fonts seem less serious.  The cover is super pornographic, the song names are also pornographic, and if people were singing this, you would probably expect some kind of sexual activity to be occurring either during the song, or right after it.  With the DC Temple's hymns, you would expect a much more reserved style of service, more like a Catholic, or Orthodox church.  Probably, the most sexual thing that would happen, is the boys coming up to the front, to kiss over the High Priestess' "sacred womb", or give her pussy a lick or two, as some type of communion ritual.  Shit's fun to think about, by the way.  Really fun.


So next week, what's the plan?  Well shit, I don't know.  I might do like one scene of Night Journey, and then one scene of Lilian Structure, and then one scene of Sailor Sluts Box Set, or I might do a bunch of Grimoire pages.  Or I might do that twinfuck one-off.  We'll have to wait and see.  


  1. Hi, dude. I was looking your blog and all your posts are very interesting but in the part of that game LRLB: Taisen, you mentioned that part of your inspiration were some femped sites. Could you talk more about it? and if it's posibble, could you share some stuff of that sites?

  2. It's amazing how much I get this question. Back in the day, like, when I was a teenager, there was a decent little "pedosphere" around something called "CLogo". The CL stood for "Child Love", and the "Logo" thing was just kind of their attempt at making a single logo, and fighting for the whole "pedosexual" idea. They made annoyingly preachy little games and comics, that basically tried to say that the kids tooootally loved getting raped by them, and that kids could tooootally consent to sex. Just like they can consent to smoking cigarettes, or joining the Army. This was back before chans got big.

    The interesting (to me) one was called "butterfly kisses", but it was mostly for lesbian fempeds to share their fucked up leslita stories, and get advice. Not much in the way of ideology or theory. The best site that I found for the theory of these people, came from a site called, "Female Childlove". The lady who ran it was a lesbian for the most part, but she also had a thing for little boys, and clearly, she had an incest fetish. Quite a bit of "Mommy Bubble 80's" was based on her, specifically. The site got taken down a while ago, but you can find it on wayback machine, if you look hard.

    These days, the fempeds are on Tor, and you basically have to be willing to wade through tons of CP, to even get to them. Then, you have to *make* CP, if you want to actually talk to them. So I don't really get their opinions at all.

    It kind of sucks that they got pushed so far underground. A huge part of getting rid of (or at least tempering) these ideologies, is understanding them, and on some level, that's what this project is about. But the barrier to entry, to even see those ideologies, has gotten really fucking high.

    1. Oh, one more thing, that I forgot. A lot of the "family nudism" forums have this stuff floating around. There's a really strange (but not really) connection between nudists and pedos. Massive overlap.