Monday, November 30, 2015

Solo Worship Magazine Article

This is a magazine article, that discusses the correct method of 'solo worship'.  It essentially answers the question of, "what is the Affirmation of Fealty To the Lilian Revolution". 


Your own personal Lilith
Someone to take the D, and do it for free
Your own personal Lilith
Someone to watch your faps, your cum, she laps


 z_k007 - The Jehovans often speak of having a "personal relationship" with their chosen deity.  While this is very comforting for them, it isn't the most theologically sound concept in the world, even by their own standards.  For us, however, this idea is completely in line with Our Gospel.  It is not a comforting lie.  It is a theological reality.  Our love for her is as powerful as her love for us.  But more powerful than love, is *lust*, and the hot-blooded desire that she hold for her devotees, is well documented, in both The Gospel, and in the theological writings of Our Prophet.  Our Goddess, in her gospel, very directly encourages her male devotees to please themselves, with *her* in mind.  This is a concept that is distinctly Lilian, and extremely revolutionary.
Often, in our Temples, Circles, and Cells, we will get so caught up in the raw pleasure of a sexual release, that we forget the deeper meaning behind it.  We will cleave to one another in lust, cognitively understanding the revolutionary element of the union, but forgetting its true spiritual significance.  This is because we often lack the *personal* relationship with Lilith, that gives meaning to our sexual pleasure.  But how can we build this 'personal relationship'?  It's quite simple.  Daily Affirmations of Fealty, to Our Goddess, through treating her as a sexual partner, an object of lust, *as well as* the Revolutionary Commander, to be obeyed.

z_m014 - It should come as no surprise, to the male Lilian, that his goddess is a sexual being.  Even her gospel itself, is often quite graphically explicit.  This is no mistake, and it's hardly a shallow recruitment technique!  The sexual union creates a very special kind of love, between each participant, and while Our Goddess cannot be *physically* present in the Worldly Sphere, she can very much be present in the hearts of her believers.  When you love someone, dearly and deeply, you want to learn all that there is to know about them.  Their likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, and of course, their special erogenous zones.  Our Goddess loves her devotees, and particularly her male devotees, more than anything else.  She wants to know all about them, and she craves their companionship.
A personal relationship with Our Goddess, must, by definition, be sexual in nature.  She wants to please her servants, sexually, just as much as they want to please her, in their lives, and in their work.  But to please her servant, she must *know* her servant.  She must be closer to him, than his own jugular vein.  As many of us are well aware, the best way to get to know a person's unique pleasure points, is to be present, as they pleasure *themselves*.  This act is not only educational, but erotic, and extremely intimate.  When a Lilian soul inevitably completes its journey, and finds itself in the gentle arms of Our Goddess, the knowledge of that soul's sexual desires, will be put to immediate use.

z_m013 - Many male Lilians have a very specific ritual, for when they conduct their "solo worship" sessions.  They'll pop in a video, or crack open a magazine, grab a pair of their mother's or mistress' underthings, and get to work.  Their goal is often simple pleasure, and the focus of their lust, is on the screen, or the page.  This isn't necessarily *wrong*, but it doesn't help the devotee to develop his relationship with Our Goddess.  It can often place him on a neverending quest, for more and more novel and 'taboo' erotic materials.  And of course, there is often very little in the way of loving adoration, or even exploration, in these types of acts.  They become routine, and lose all spiritual meaning.  In some cases, even the *revolutionary intent* is lost!  A devotee must constantly appraise his own solo worship, to ensure that these sessions are focused, and meaningful.  The easiest way to keep oneself on track, is to slow down the outside stimulation.  Do consume erotic materials, but consider them as an inspiration, a jumping-off-point, for your own *personal* fantasies, about the one that you truly love.  The one who loves you!  Close the magazine, close your *eyes*, and fantasize.  Make your solo worship special, using lotions and oils, to explore, and enjoy.  When the devotee of Chapter 16 was cast out of his village, he eschewed worldly supplies, instead bringing a soft oil with him, into the hot desert.  He correctly understood that his salvation could never come through earthly means, but through the love, and adoration, of his goddess.

z_n005 - As we know, Our Goddess deeply desires the intimacy of a sexual relationship with her male devotees.  But we also know, all too well, that she resides within her domain, far from the worldly realm.  It is clear to us, that Our Goddess exists in the hearts of her intermediaries, the Nuns, and Priestesses, even the most basic Lilian Laywoman.  A sexual act with them is, certainly, a sexual act with Our Goddess.  But in addition to these pleasurable acts, a devotee should make love to his goddess directly, without the pressure, and constraints, that come from these intermediaries.  The facts are these; Solo Worship *is* lovemaking, between Our Goddess, and her devotee.  This worship entails an Affimation of Fealty.  These affirmations, strengthen Our Goddess, and her revolution.
Building a personal relationship with Our Goddess, is a process that requires a change in habits, by necessity.  You must refocus your solo worship, away from the external, and towards the spiritual.  You must strive to learn more about Our Goddess, and accept her as a lover, while keeping in mind her disdain for monogamy.  You must embark on a journey of exploration, training your mind and body, to discover new and unexpected pathways, of arousal and eroticism.  These refinements are not always easy, but they are *vital*, to practicing Our Goddess' faith, in a way that pleases her.

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