Monday, November 30, 2015

Solo Worship Magazine Article Retrospective

Well, never say that I don't listen to the people who comment.  About a week ago(?) somebody asked for an explanation of the "Affirmation of Fealty".  Well here's the answer, hedonist39380332.  It's basically just fapping to Lilith.  Really, it's the act of reading Chapter 58, and fapping to it.  You affirm that fealty, when you say the last line, or second to last.  The part where you say, "I would deny none of these bounties".  So I guess if you really want to believe this stuff, there you go.

This set, by the way, is "[Iinari Bijin] Doutei o Sute Sasete Saseko-san! ~Kyonyuu Gal JK ni Onegai Hen~"


The first page picture is more or less just the only picture in this massive fucking set, that didn't feature our Lilith-Standin frowning/pouting, or getting railed by a grown man, and ahegaoing.  Theoretically, I could have used a pic where she's got cum on her face, and is looking very satisfied, overall, and I might go back and try that one out, but then, I might not.  Just tried it, nah, it doesn't really look right.  More nipplage, but her waist winds up looking off. 
The entire concept of this little article is based on the Evangelical Christian concept of, "personal relationship with Christ".  This really isn't the most theologically sound concept in the world, as far as Christianity is concerned.  In Islam, it's a bit more workable, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone push it outside of a couple of Shi'ite cult leaders, and nobody outside of misguided converts really puts much stock in them.  Of course, since the Lilian theology is exactly what I make it, it totes makes sense in Lilism.
The phrase, "cleave to one another in lust", actually comes from Nyar's writings.  I love the way it sounds, so I use it a lot. I manage to place this whole article into the context of male worship, near the end of this page, which is good.  I've sometimes had trouble defining, from the beginning, exactly who the articles or pamphlets are for.  This was an issue in the Chapter 58 pamphlet, and I wanted to make sure that it didn't become an issue, here.

The second page picture was slightly modified.  Just her eyes, really.  The position she's in is pretty clearly sexual, and about as inviting as it gets, which is kind of the point of this whole pamphlet.  I just wish it had indexed better.  I keep saying that, don't I?  Maybe I should stop indexing the pictures, if I'm just going to bitch all the time about how they don't index right...
The text here largely exists to set up the concept that Lilith loves watching her devotees masturbate, which was alluded to in the Chapter 58 pamphlet, but never really stated.  It's very comforting, and extremely appealing, to think that there's a loving goddess, who is essentially down to have spiritual sex with you, whenever you're looking for it.
There's a ton of (Shia) Islamic influence here, by the way.  The phrases about learning all about someone, when you love them, come from a lecture about the Ahlulbayt, the bit about the jugular vein is a direct quote from the Quran, and the general emphasis on refocusing your sexuality on Lilith, comes from a series of lectures called, "Lessons From Lady Fatima", where they discuss focusing on the meaning of the prayers, as opposed to just saying the words, and doing the actions.  You guys would be amazed at just how much of the Lilian theology is just a sexed up version of Fatima-centric Shi'ism.
I like the last paragraph, by the way.  A lot of really nice imagery.

The third page picture is another inviting one, which is nice.  The fact that her nails are violet, is pretty cool.  Violet is kind of the "official Lilian color".
The text here really lays it down, about the whole 'focus on Lilith' thing.  It gets a little meta here, which was fun to write.  The whole Lilian project, is more designed to be consumed this way, as an "inspiration for personal fantasies", rather than an "image-driven stroke peice".  I like that I was able to incorporate some level of rhyming, into the text.  It doesn't add much, but it is a little fun. 

The final page picture is meant to be inviting, but I'm not so sure it does the job as well as it could.  It almost looks like she's putting up her hands to say, "stop", rather than actually inviting the end user to have sex with her.  But, you get some nip, so it's cool.
The text was meant to tie all these concepts together, and I think it does a pretty good job.  It's not so meta in the beginning, but it gets moreso, as you read on.  I manage to explain the Affirmation of Fealty a bit more, here, which is good, as well as restate the fact that this little article was meant for Lilian boys.  Overall, it's a decent ending, to a fun little article.  


Next up is probably going to be a little Lazorchef thing, like a faux travel ad.  Then, on friday, I'll probably do another travel ad, this time for that one spa in Idaho, that was featured in Crone Strike.  

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