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Amazon Tribe Recruitment Retrospective

So I finally did something with Lazorchef's work.  I'm honestly not sure about it, though.  I really wanted to do his art justice, since he's one of the only people who makes plump, ethnic, women in /ss/ pairings.  As much as I bitch that I can't find content like that, I'd hate to finally do something with it, and then screw the pooch entirely.  Well, I've got quite a bit of content, and I'm sure I'll be revisiting the Ubechido (NOT Umatilla, I keep fucking that up in my head) tribe, later.
By the way, the Ubechidos are based on the Matsés/Mayoruna people, with the name coming from the Matsés/Mayoruna words for Moon (Ube) and Woman (Chido).  Ubechido.  If I knew how to say the word for mother, I would have put that, instead of woman, but because I'm a massive douchebag who doesn't care about the dignity of indigenous people, and runs the tractor of his meaningless stories roughshod, through the rainforest of their thousand year old culture, I didn't bother to look it up.  Also, it's really hard to find good resources on indigenous languages.  I wish I had those resources, though.  Ubechido, if you say it wrong, is just going to make you think of this shit.


The first page picture was kind of a late addition, actually.  I had originally meant for the Tupamaros Ubechidos to be dark skinned and white haired, just like Lilith.  Buuuut, there's only like 4 or 5 total lazorchef pics like that, and while they were gooood, they weren't perfect.  Especially not for the introduction sort of thing that I'm doing, now.  Plus, if I make them capable of having hair that isn't white, I can actually do more sets with them, and expand them within the overall story, which, as I wrote more and more about them, I really wanted to do.  The Ubechidos are actually really interesting, at least to me.  So I used this picture, because it introduces them somewhat well, and probably wouldn't get used, otherwise.  I hate the way indexing destroys blushes, though.  Sux.  Someday I'll get smart, and stop fucking indexing shit.
The text here is largely, just straight up exposition, explaining who the Ubechidos are, where they came from, how they relate to the Lilian movement overall, and their importance, in the story.  I meant to heavily imply that Medea Circe is essentially basing her research on 'femboys' on the Umatillos Ubechidos.  One thing that I really like, and enjoyed doing, is sort of turning the whole "noble savage" thing on its head, and making the Ubechidos super, duper, rich.  Basically, they export their boys and their medicines, all around the Lilian world, and possibly the Jehovan world, most likely through Circe's company, and now they're filthy rich.  So instead of the Lilians exploiting them, they're kind of exploiting the Lilians.  I think it's an interesting little "thing".

The second page is the only original one that I ended up keeping.  I like the way Lazorchef draws his women, and I really like that the brown girls are always wearing crazy expensive gold jewelry.  It really reinforces the "they're super rich" idea.  The size difference is nice, too.  The Ubechidos really would be pretty formidable, even to a grown man.  It's crazy what a person can do, if they can throw their weight around.
The text here is an extension of the last one, but with more of a focus on what the acolytes would actually be doing, in the Ubechido villages.  There's a real focus on dissuasion, here.  I wanted to really get across that the Acolytes would all be thinking about going there to work, probably because they're constantly hearing about the insane amounts of money that other Acolytes are pocketing and/or sending home.
I like the bit about bone strength supplements.  Can't be having any shattered pelvises, right?  No real sex, yet, though, as far as the text goes.  It's kinda shitty, but this one's really light on sex, because I'm setting these characters up.  I kind of wish that I'd done it a bit differently, but I'm not sure how I would have, without planning out like 5 or 6 different lazorchef sets, ahead of time.  Maybe I should have done that, I don't know.

The third page does not feature a cowgirl position, but wutevs, I'll be doing more of these sets, and they're mostly cowgirl, on some level.  I really love the tats that the girls here are sporting.  Yes, I know, they're not tats.  They're body paint.  But I like them anyway, whatever they are.  I also like that a lot of Lazorchef's stuff with these women, and in general, is group sex related.  It really makes it easy to write, for the 'group sex is a part of our faith' Lilians.
The text here changes writers, and focuses on an individual acolyte's specific story.  There's some sex in it, but it's not super graphic, instead focusing on the specific things that he's doing.  It's just him going through his day.  Xexe, by the way, means 'black', and Acte, means 'water'.  So the village is called, "blackwater".  Another interesting thing, though.  The slaves of the Ubechido don't work.  Or rather, they work at home, as like, househusbands.  The women are the workers, so the acolytes fulfill a much more 'standard' role, as just straight prostitutes.  Geisha type prostitutes, but prostitutes, nonetheless.  The acolyte's function is more based around being a focal point for a group of women, than having one-on-one contact, with just regular horny Lilians.  The tipping is a part of this, and especially the lunch thing.  They're probably getting that food at the Temple, and then going to the acolyte for just a straight up lunch, with the licking as an extra sort of thing.  Hell, maybe he's making the food.
But anyway, I have a headcanon for my tips, and how much cash these kids would be bringing in, on an average day.  First, let's determine just how many customers he's servicing.  In the morning, let's say it's 6*4, so 24.  From 9 to noon, let's say he's getting 1.5 customers per hour, so 4 or 5, let's say 4.  At noon, he gets another 6 customers, so that's 6 more.  In the afternoon, he's getting 'small groups', for about 2 hours, so let's say they're groups of 4, one per hour, since they're bathing.  That's 8.  So that's 42(!) customers per day, and if each of them tips 25 USD, our little acolyte is making 1050 USD per day, for a 10 hour shift.  Now that's a long time to fuck, and that's a lot of fucking, although I think it's more licking, and he does get a little break, from 9 to noon, kinda-sorta.  I imagine that the individual ones are a bit less demanding.  Maybe.
Anyway, he's bringing in an absolute metric fuckton of money, for a single day's work.  If he's doing this 3 times a week, he's making 12,600 USD per month, and 151,200 USD per year.  So yeah, dollar signs.  Way more than they'd be bringing in, normally.  Way more.  Remember, we're assuming an average tip of 25 USD from each girl.  If you decrease the number of customers to a slightly less insane number, like 21, you're still talking about 525 USD per day, 6300 per month, and 75,600 per year.

The fourth page picture is one that I really like.  They boy's inked up too!  They make a very cute couple.  It even indexed okay, if you ignore those weird fucking dots.  I still don't know why GIMP does that.
The text here largely focuses on boys who decide to stay, and implies that there's kind of a problem with boys just deciding on their own to stay, or possibly, boys running away with possibly well meaning, or just lovestruck Ubechido women.  I like that I was able to toss in a little bit about the boys sending money home.
So there's one thing that I kiiiinda don't really like, but I wrote it, anyway.  There's the immediate issue of the Ubechidos having their small boys, and large women, and the immigrant boys, obviously, not having whatever genetic difference makes them particularly small, and boyish.  So I pulled some 'magic natives' bullshit out of my ass, and gave them a "fountain of small".  It's better than giving them a fountain of youth, but it's still kinda lazy writing.  On the other hand, though, the Lilians do treat it properly, and they really dissuade their boys from going through with it.  Of course, the superpositive picture kind of gives a mixed signal, there.  I might go back and rewrite this, partially.  Fix that little bit on the side, too.
Yeah, I rewrote it, made it a lot less negative, and a lot more accepting of the idea.  It's more of a 'slow down', than a 'stop'.  I think that gels better with the picture, and provides a better concept, overall.  Although I really like the idea of Ubechido women bringing in mail order trophy grooms, to serve as status symbol slaves.  That's interesting worldbuilding.


So, hopefully the Ubechidos didn't come out too cheesy for you guys.  This ended up being a really difficult one to write, but I think that I'll be using these characters again, they allow me to use Lazorchef's primo artwork, and add a really interesting story, as well, that's actually kind of topical.  At least to me.  I know a lot of people who go abroad to work.  Hell, I'm abroad for work, on some level.  At any rate, yeah, expect to see these guys again.
Friday's probably going to be something from Abubu, maybe the Crone Strike Spa, maybe a twincest acolyte ad, maybe something completely different.  But it'll probably be Abubu.

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