Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Amazon Tribe Recruitment

This is a work travel advertisement disguised as a magazine article.  It introduces, and breaks down the details of the Ubechido tribe.


The "Noble Savage"
Wants boys to ravage
It's a killer payday
That could lead to dismay


tribaloppai - Deep in the Amazon Basin, there lies a tribe of what can only be described as, 'Proto-Lilians'.  In the early 80's, Our Prophet was visited by a small group of women, hailing from western Brasil, and calling themselves the "Ubechido tribe".  They initially appeared to be regular, albeit *large* women, toting around their pubescent sons.  We were surprised to find, however, that these 'sons' were nowhere near as young as they appeared, and we were even *more* surprised, to find that the Ubechido women had been worshiping Our Goddess, Lilith, for over 1000 years!  When our two groups compared notes, we discovered that we had very little to learn from one another, theologically, as *our* Gospel, was essentially just an english localization of *theirs*!  Clearly, Our Goddess had realized that her original HQ of Mesopotamia wasn't going to last, and moved her operation south, where it could be more easily protected, and hidden.  Over hundreds of generations, the Ubechidos utilized the natural contraceptive plants of their area, along with some *very* selective breeding, to create the ideal Lilian community.  They've made a killing exporting their medicines (and 'boys') to our Temples, but recently, the ladies of their tribe have developed a taste for variety.  To meet this demand, we are calling all acolytes in good standing, to pay these sisters a *very* friendly visit!

big_sisters-2 - Acolytes who choose to bring their service to the Ubechido villages, are making a very important contribution towards Revolution, and expanding their own *personal* development, within the Lilian Faith.  Unlike many Lilian converts, the Ubechido ladies have developed a culture of female domination, both in, and out of the bedroom.  This is *not* an easy assignment.  The villages are well developed, the ladies tend to be very liberal with their gifts and tips, and the facilities are certainly not lacking in modern amenities.  But the Ubechido women themselves... are *big*.  Very big.  In height, in girth, and in bone structure.  They are often stronger, and more athletic, than you would initially expect.  In fact, the only things that generally fit the acolyte's initial expectations, are the physical softness of their skin, and their unsurprising cultural emphasis on 'cowgirl' type positions.  You need to *love* full figured women, to take this assignment.  A background in rental submission is recommended, and a full medical assessment, is required.  The Ubechido villages will *challenge* you, as an acolyte, and as a Lilian.  Those who approach this assignment with nothing but dollar signs in their eyes, are quickly placed on the first tanker leaving Barranquilla.  Those, however, who serve out of a love for Goddess, a desire to submit, and an insatiable thirst for the warmth and coziness of a very large, and *very* dominant, woman, will find themselves quite handsomely rewarded. 

big_sisters - When I first showed up in Xexeacte, I was doing the standard acolyte jobs.  I got my client listing in the morning, did some warm-up with my Priestess, and put the teakettle on.  But Xexeacte was hardly a standard Temple.  In the mornings, I'd have between 6 and 8 ladies in my room, chatting away, as they each took turns mounting my face, so that I could lick them off before work.  Usually, there would be 4 different groups of them, before 9.  From 9 to noon, I'd get a bit of a reprieve, usually just single sisters coming in, for a quickie on their day off.  Around noon, the 6-8 client groups would come back, and have a quick lunch, for themselves, while *I* feasted on *them*.  Between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, smaller groups of workers would come in, often covered in plant slurry, for a bath, and a drink, before going home to their slaves.  My role was somewhere between waiter and bath attendant, for them.  Now, I made a *lot* of tips, doing this, but it wasn't the normal, relaxed, Acolyte situation that I was used to.  It was hard, hot, work, without a lot of breaks, and the sisters, while very kind, and *extremely* generous, *do* expect a lot from their acolytes.  They all know how much money we're bringing in, and they make us work for every penny. 

zangetsu0_02 - Many young acolytes, after spending time in the Ubechido villages, immersing themselves in the culture, and of course, showering their mothers and sisters back home in the riches that they inevitably attain, will fall in love.  It can be very tempting to stay in the Ubechido territories, take the plunge, and contract with one of the special ladies who inhabit this realm.  This is not without sacrifice, however.  The Ubechido High Priestesses have, over the years, developed a special medicinal drink, which halts all upwards growth, in the boys who take it.  This is *not* a fountain of youth, however.  It is a fountain of *small*.  You are *required* to conduct this ritual, in order to contract with an Ubechido sister, and the permanent nature of this change, cannot be underestimated.  Your duty, as a Lilian male, is to serve revolution, and a small stature is not particularly conducive, to this goal.  It's easy to get caught up in the moment, and make quick decisions, without *really* thinking them through.  If you decide to stay, you *must* go through the official channels, and you *must* get approval from your mother, priestess, and high priestess, back home.  Remember whose property you *really* are, and don't go running off into the jungle.  Staying in Ubechido is certainly an option, but it's one that needs a lot of consideration.  

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