Saturday, December 26, 2015

Anti Sailor Sluts Sextreme Posters

These are faux posters for an anti Sailor Sluts campaign, done up by the "Union of Swedish Lilians", which, in my headcanon, is a type of affinity group, for probably northern Swedish Lilians.  They're more conservative overall, and they represent the smaller towns and villages.


Cocaine Cowgirl
Smack My Witch Up
Richard Nixon's Downfall


Our beloved children idolize the Sailor Scouts, and many of us thoroughly enjoy watching with them, as the girls right wrongs, and triumph over evil. 
But a group of opportunists, led by Uppsalan, Frida Eld, has set out to tarnish the image of of the Sailor Scouts, with a series of videos, called, "Sailor Sluts".
These videos feature excessive, ridiculous, and counter-revolutionary actions, and are marketed towards children.  Recently, Frida Eld, who plays Sailor V, was spotted in a Mosul strip club, snorting cocaine from a boy's erect penis.
She was reportedly "celebrating" the success of her latest film, which features the scientific genius, Ami Mizuno, brutally strangling a young boy, during sex.  In her upcoming film, "Sailor Sluts Sexxxtreme", it is rumored that Rei Hino will be raped by a semi-domesticated wolf, while Usagi Tsukino is gang-fucked by teenagers, and Ami Mizuno is suffocated in a "deep-throating" scene.

Our children idolize the Sailor Scouts, but a new film series, entitled "Sailor Sluts" takes these beautiful and youthful role models, and places them in obscene, humiliating, and often dangerous sexual situations. 
These disturbing films harm our children, and society, but they also harm the sisters unfortunate enough to be trapped in the production of these atrocities.
In the newest "Sailor Sluts" film, known as "Sextreme", Kaori Upas, who plays Rei Hino, is rumored to have a scene, where she is forced to copulate with a wolf.  Kaori Upas has long been rumoured to have a quite serious drug problem, and it's not difficult to see why!

Our children idolize the Sailor Scouts, but a new film, called "Sailor Sluts" is threatening to tarnish the good name of our heroines, and lead our beloved children into a Jehovan Hellscape of male dominated sexual aggression. 

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