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Anti Sailor Sluts Sextreme Posters Retrospective

Another saturday night special, since I'm off work for a little while (hopefully).  There's a decent amount of headcanon in these, around the value set of the Union of Swedish Lilians, what they are, and how they fit into the Malmo/Uppsala rivalry. 

In my headcanon, they're kind of like the "concerned mothers against XYZ" of the Lilian world.  They're also communists, or at least very, very, hardline socialists.  As such, they take their propaganda intake very seriously, and they consider Sailor Moon to be an incredible propaganda tool, for both their boys, and their girls. 
The fact that this porno is a takeoff from Sailor Moon is annoying, but the fact that one of their own, an Uppsalan, is producing the film, enrages them.  Presumably, they've been biding their time, and hoping that the films would just go away, but that hasn't happened. 
So when they catch wind of the newest film in the Sailor Sluts Series, "Sailor Sluts SeXXXtreme", they finally feel like they've got their chance.  So they quietly take (or just doctor) some pics, and spread the threadbarest of rumors, to get at least this one banned. 


The first poster features a picture that I never thought I'd use, but I really like that I was able to.  It's old as shit, but it really is great.  I love the crazy look in her eyes.  The guy originally had pubes, so I took them out, in a feeble attempt to make him look younger.  Would a little boy really have a cock that big?  Well maybe he's in the strip bar because he has a cock that big, or maybe he's one of Medea Circe's genetic experiments.  Remember her?  I need to bring her back sometime. 
The text here has 3 elements, which I decided to semi-standardize, across the 3 posters. 

The first element is the quite accusatory rhetorical question.  Is THIS what a role model looks like?  Well of course not.  I like that I was able to use nice big, angry looking letters, and I really like that I was able to make use of the swedish national colors (or at least the ones on their flag) for the color scheme of this leaflet/poster/whateveritis. 
I just thought to myself, where the hell would they post this, if it's a poster?  I guess they could put it on the wall of their union hall, but they'd be fucked, if the cops showed up.  But then, they'd probably have worse stuff around.  I guess it could be a leaflet that they hand out at Temple services, or package with the month's BoL.  The acolytes could hang up the poster, if they were ideologically minded.  Of course, if their union hall had acolyte rooms (and it would) the posters would probably be in there. 

The second element is the body text, and it largely functions here, to set up the storyline, explain who these people are, and explain why the Union doesn't like them, or their movie.  I think it explains things reasonably well, although I could have been a bit more brief.  I feel like it's a decent intro, though.  It's a good "general" poster, since it really captures a lot of the issues that the Union have with the film itself, while also portraying (and gossiping about) Frida. 

The third element of the poster are the demands.  I really love this font, by the way.  I think it's called "Heavitas".  First off, we have "inform your union representative" in red, which, I guess, would imply that the Union is actually the official Temple organization in Sweden, and these are being put out by an affinity group, maybe like a "Mothers of UoSL".  Anyway, that's in red, so you know it's important. 
Then we've got the personal punishment, blacklisting Frida Eld herself.  In my headcanon, this probably wouldn't happen, but it's one of those things where you demand way more than you know you can get, in the hope that your "opponent" will give you what you really wanted, through a compromise.  I mean, they're basically calling for her excommunication, here.  Not gonna happen. 
The third demand is the one that they really want.  Put a dent in her wallet, by blocking Sailor Sluts Sextreme from being purchased in Sweden.  This would not only put a dent in the Frida's wallet, but probably also in Malmo's, as well. 
In my headcanon, a lot more Lilian video porn gets purchased in the south of the country, while the north mostly goes for toys, literature, and other paraphernalia.  It probably wouldn't keep anyone in Sweden from getting it, but it would keep Malmo from selling it, which is the entire point of the ban.  Yay backstory!  Yay worldbuilding!  Aren't you glad you read the blog?

The second poster's picture is one that I'd been wanting to use for a while, but I couldn't ever find a place for it.  Well, here is that place.  It's by Zuboroku, and I like the way the milf looks here.  Tired, and mildly hookerish.  It's supposed to be Kaori, and this is part of why I put in the stuff about her being from Hokkaido, and kinda being poor.  I wanted her bad habits to play a bit of a role in the banning of Sextreme. 

I maybe should have put it as, IS THIS HOW / A SPIRITUALLY FULFILLED / SEX INDUSTRY WORKER / SPENDS HER OFF TIME, just to make it look a bit better.  Well yeah, just changed it.  It looks better.  Anyway, notice their lingo.  Sex Industry Worker.  Spiritually Healthy.  That's commie talk, or at least, pinko talk.  You can tell a lot about someone by what they call a prostitute.  Whore means they're probably like a redpill type, or at least a traditionalist.  Prostitute is neutral, and very clinical.  They don't want to make political waves.  Sex Worker means they're probably somewhere on the left, and would probably consider themselves to be a feminist, even if they say otherwise.  But anyway...

The body of this one has a similar line to the last one, but it focuses a bit more on the "plight" of the actresses, which is actually a pretty good tactic, if I do say so myself.  The idea here is that Kaori is a victim of circumstance, and of the vile opportunist (I've decided that's the Lilian SweSoc dog whistle word for "Capitalist") Frida Eld.  By the way, Upas is an Ainu word, for like, water or something.  I decided that it would be a good last name for her.  Better than Suzuki, at least, which is what it was. 

The third poster's picture is the only one that actually comes from Freestyle's stuff.  I decided that there was no realistic way that I could use this picture in either the interviews, or the ads, so I decided to use it here.  I feel like it was almost tailor made for this purpose.  Ami was actually my favorite sailor scout, by the way, so I'm sure I probably consider this pic to be worse than it actually is.  I'm planning something really cool (I hope it's cool) for her interview, by the way.
The first bit is pretty straightforward, although making it fuckhuge did end up affecting how much I wrote for the body.  Honestly though, I think the rhetorical question here might be enough, in this case.
The body was easy to write, although it largely just repeats what's already been said.  I think this is all just one big sentence.  Yep, no periods.  One sentence.  One long sentence, which features the amazing phrase, "Jehovan Hellscape of male dominated sexual aggression".  I felt like it went with the picture, honestly.  I'm getting "George's paining of the Tommy and the Nun" vibes from this whole thing, for some reason.  Anyway, yeah, I like this one.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Very visceral. 


So, maybe I'll write and release tomorrow, maybe I won't, I don't know.  I'll definitely be doing the M/W/F thing, though, unless I end up going on a trip for new years, which I might.  But I also might save the trips for Orthodox Christmas.  So I'm not sure yet.  Anyway, it'll probably be more Sailor Sluts and Lilian Slave Pricing.  

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