Friday, December 4, 2015

Idaho Spa 1 Retrospective

This one was fun, and easy to write.  I really do enjoy doing straight narratives, every once in a while.  This is essentially the first half of a travel advertisement, disguised as an article.  The real advertisement comes later.


The first page picture was a difficult one to place.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted to have the first page in this set be a color picture, or not.  I also wasn't sure whether I wanted the format of this pamphlet to be a 4 page straight up ad, or a 6 page extended ad, with half being a narrative, and the other half being a straight up ad.  I decided on the latter, and I think it'll be a lot better, that way.  Narratives are always nice to have.
The text for this first page is mostly just setting up the story, as you do.  Pretty standard stuff.  I like that I was able to make a little callback to the whole "mommy bubble" thing, without actually mentioning the concept, by name.  I was also kind of able to canonize/mention the fact that the Iraqis are kind of a normal thing, for the Lilians.  I wish I'd used less 'little' at the end, but eh, wutevs.

The second page picture is kind of the centerpiece of this little narrative, which is probably why it's in the center.  I would have loved to get a bit more focus on the brown lady, but hey, we don't always get the things that we want.
I like that I was able to really get a narrative out of this one, both from the mother, and her kid.  Of course, it's from the mother's perspective, but you get some nice sex descriptions, in there.  Pretty linear too, which is nice.

The third page is one that I really wish had been in color, but again, we don't always get what we want.  I had to do a bit of work on this one, removing some speech bubbles, but the greyscale made that doable, if a bit difficult.  I wish Abubu would release more cleans of his stuff.  The speech bubbles really do keep me from using some of his stuff.  I also took the lens off the camera that the mom's holding, to make it into a cup.  Or maybe the 'lens' was actually a reflection, and I'm an idiot.  Anyway, that was actually super easy.
This page's text is a lot more narrative, and most of it is actually about Zahra and 'baby/little-one/lover'.  It's kind of interesting, we don't ever actually see mom and baby actually fuck, and also, Zahra and Catalina are the only named characters in this.  Because it's an ad for them, personally.  
Anyway, it's kind of an interesting little ad, to be honest. Watch your son fuck this exotic lady! Get sexy massages from jailbait Colombian girls! Hang out in a sauna! Some mild storyline stuff, going on here.
But yeah, mostly just a linear narrative, that concludes itself in a pretty shortform fashion. I decided not to go into what happens afterwards, not so much because I didn't have the characters, but because it didn't really seem important, to the narrative/ad.


And so ends 'brown girl week'!  I didn't really mean for it to be brown girl week, but that's kind of what it ended up being.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.  

So next week, I'll be starting on the Ubichido trophy groom guide, which will be something along the lines of this book, and others like it.  In my headcanon, there would be a little group of writers who specialize in writing guides for acolytes, to help them attract the mistress of their dreams.  So that's the framework that we'll be discussing the Ubichidos within, I think.  Monday and Friday will be Ubichido stuff, and Wednesday will be the other half of Idaho Spa.

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