Friday, December 4, 2015

Idaho Spa 1

This is the first part of the "Idaho Spa" Advertising pamphlet.  It tells the story of a mother and her son visiting the spa, in order to get him a lay that isn't his mom.


Changing room creepin
Joyful mommies weepin
But the love only deepens


bathhouse - I love my baby, and he loves me, but we have a bit of a problem.  It's never a bad thing to love your mother, and Our Goddess enjoys watching a strong Lilian woman, please and pamper the fruit of her womb.  *But*, there are limits.  Namely, the relationship should never be monogamous.  I know there's some debate on this, but I truly believe that Our Goddess discourages *all* monogamy, even between family members.  My little one, for a long time, had a bit of a fixation on me.  He flat out refused to sign up for the Acolyte Program, and when I tried to set up playdates with other girls his age, and even a session with our High Priestess, well...  Let's just say that there were some *physical* limitations.  I knew it couldn't be medical, he'd always come home packing a thick bone for mommy, but with anyone else, it was like some overcooked pasta.  Clearly we needed to do something, before he grew up, and started having *real* problems!  I talked to our High Priestess about it, and she said that sometimes, a boy will let go, and open up a bit, if you can just get him some new scenery.  So when a nice long weekend rolled around, the two of us packed up our bags, and headed east, to the Bannock County Circle's "Jewel of Our Goddess" Spa and Shrine.  When we got there, my baby was a bit apprehensive, shy around all the new women, but I *did* manage to see a little bit of progress!  When we were in the changing room for the sauna, I noticed him getting a little halfie, while checking out one of our Iraqi sisters.

massage - As it turned out, the sister he was interested in, was named Zahra, and she was on break, from her usual duties as a masseurin.  In the sauna, I *slowly* stroked my little one off, while Zahra and I set up a dual session, for that evening.  When I noticed my baby's little twitches and gasps seemed to correspond to Zahra's soft giggles and sexy 'fuck me' eyes, I knew I'd gotten lucky!  My baby was a little nervous when we got to our massage room, but Zahra's tender, friendly, demeanor, combined with my gentle encouragement, had him up and ready in no time.  The 'blissful finish' from *my* masseurin, a bubbly, 16 year old named Catalina, was as good as you'd expect, but the *real* bliss came from watching my little one gaze adoringly up into Zahra's warm, smiling, face, cupping her soft breast in his little hand, as he moaned her name, pumping his hot seed, into her waiting palm.  I couldn't help but squeal with joy, as he accepted her kiss, draping his arm over her back, as she leaned over, to run a warm cloth, over his nether regions. 

massage2 - When Zahra had gotten my lover nice and cleaned up, I decided to take the initiative, and invite her back to our room, for a sip of Eugene's finest 'herbal red'.  She couldn't drink on the job, but she had no problem giving my little one his first 'chummy cummy'.  The three of us locked arms, doting on my baby, as we made our way back to the rental.  By the time I'd poured myself a cup, the two of them were already on the bed, going at it like a couple of longtime lovers.  I could tell that my little one wanted to impress me with his finely honed skills, and cries of 'mommy look!' were a regular addition, to Zahra's sexy moans and praise.  Watching my baby finally let go, and please another woman, was as exciting, as it was relieving.  Zahra's active personality helped too, giving her lover enough freedom to express himself, and please her, but keeping a firm control over him, even through her many screaming orgasms.  I can't tell you how many times my fingers suddenly founds themselves swimming in my hot honey just from looking over, and seeing those long, dark, legs, wrapped around my baby's ass.  It was a night of lust, but also a night of *healing*, as my little lover finally found the courage to overcome his fears, and fully accept the tenets of Our Faith.

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