Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Idaho Spa 2 Retrospective

This is the second half of the Idaho Spa leaflet, and honestly, I really like the way this came out.  I think, in-universe, this might be like, one of those trifold pamphlets, with the story on one side, and the ad on the other side, and the Bannock County Spa, would pay different Regional Temples, to package the ad along with that month's issue of BoL. 

I like the way that this came out, although it probably isn't as overtly sexual as the last Idaho Spa set.  It's still pretty fun tho think about, though.


The first page picture, really, could have been about 5 or 6 others.  Abubu loves his /ss/ bathhouse scenes, and he makes a ton of them.  I've used quite a few of them before, but this was a new one, so I decided to make use of it, instead of the others. 
The text here mostly just sets up the spa, tells you where it is, and what it is.  I sort of run into the issue of Crone Strike here, since it's implied that there are actually Jehovans who go to the spa, so I kind of had to retcon the idea that there are actually 2 spas, one for the Lilians, and one for the Jehovans.  Maybe like a 'private' spa, that gets taken care of, while the public one is kind of shit, but also overpriced.  The 'natural organic rejuvenation' bit is just what every spa says, it's pretty throwaway.  I like that they mention the aphrodisiac stuff, but don't really confirm or deny.  They also manage to toss in their drug ad, as well, which is fun. 

The second page picture had a couple of alternatives as well, but none of them featured a second woman, so I decided to use this one, just so that I could talk about the fact that they have a priestess on-site.
The text makes a bunch of callbacks (and callforwards) to different rituals, which is pretty neato.  It acknowledges that the big draw of the place would probably be weddings and honeymoons, which is really interesting.  I mean, of course recently contracted couples would want to have a little honeymoon retreat, and of course they'd need a safe place to do it.  There's also a bit of an implication that theologically minded (and probably wealthy) Lilians could stay there for a somewhat extended period, while they write their books.  Again, not exactly unheard of, but it's interesting to give it a Lilian spin. 

The third page picture is one that I really love, and I kind of hate that I used it here, in retrospect.  I'm always in need of pictures featuring Lilian women reading to their shotas, and this one's really, really, good.  Maybe I should have saved it for a rainy day, but oh well.  It's a really nice picture, at any rate.
The text here kind of wraps things up, presenting a couple of reasons why a regular resort would be a mistake, and why this specific resort, is the one that you'd want.  At some point, I might make another resort ad, for like a tropical location, but we'll see. 
I mentioned "Nightly Lilian News" for the first time (I think), here.  This would probably be just a little fluffy TMZ style show, with lots of sex, and not a lot of actual news.  More of a series of advertisements, than anything else.  But it's interesting to think about.  I might explore NLN later, I might not. 
Cashmere and goosedown style are meant to imply that the Lilians don't actually use these products, for environmental reasons.  Including the different books in-room is both a reference to the Gideons, as well as an in-universe thing, since those particular books would most likely be very in-demand, which would put a strain on their library. 
The acolyte bit was kind of what this whole page was supposed to be about, but I ended up using it to describe the facilities, instead.  Honestly, there probably wasn't that much to say about their acolyte situation, anyway.  Decent callback to Crone Strike, though. 


I honestly have no clue what I'm going to be writing for the rest of this week.  I might be starting a little series of ads, though, for a (in-universe) sailor moon porno series.  We'll have to see, though.  I might end up getting randomly inspired to do something else.

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