Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Idaho Spa 2

This is the second part of the Idaho Spa leaflet.  It acts more like an ad, telling the reader about the spa itself. 


Rousing Bathhouse
Bring Trojans for Theologians
Heat in the Suite


hottub - Whether you're a full time mom, or an on-the-go Priestess, we all need a break sometime, and the Jewel of Our Goddess Spa and Shrine is a wonderful place to rest and recuperate.  Tucked away in the Portneuf mountains of eastern Idaho, this Lilian owned and operated facility features all of the modern amenities that you would expect, while providing the safety and privacy that you, as a Lilian, most definitely require.  Our main feature has to be our extensive bathhouse, pristine, relaxing, and *totally* private!  Don't worry about 'prying eyes', our operation was designed in a way that separates the general public, from the *real* customer-base.  You won't be seeing them, and they *definitely* won't be seeing you.  The natural mineral water of the Lava Hot Spring, promotes organic skin rejuvenation, increasing softness and elasticity.  Some have even suggested that the water has an aphrodisiac effect, but we're pretty sure that's just the bliss of being in a beautifully natural environment, surrounded by lovely Lilians, and of course, enjoying our many herbal and spore-based treats!

contract - Here in Bannock County, we don't quite have the numbers to establish a Regional Temple, but we're certainly not lacking in Temple facilities!  We keep a High Priestess from Eugene on staff, and conduct the regular Temple services, every Sunday.  We offer morning devotionals, just like in Eugene, which can be enjoyed live in our Temple's ritual room, or with that special someone, in your personal suite.   Our well trained and highly attractive Temple staff, offer a number of ritual services, both public *and* private, for Lilians of all ages.  Contracting rituals are, of course, our most popular service, but it is by no means the only one!  We offer lifemaking rituals, birthblessing rituals, rituals involving the maternal/filial covenant, rituals involving boyhood virginity, revolutionary induction rituals for pubescent boys and girls, and end of life rituals, if needed.  We also organize a group to conduct the Night Journey Ritual in the Portneuf mountain range, although you can use your own group, if you'd like.  We offer a full library, stocked with both erotic *and* theological materials, and our High Priestess is always looking to perform more specialized rituals, so don't be shy, if you're the bookish type!

cabin - One of the most overlooked considerations, when planning a trip for you and your little one, is the privacy, and safety, of your accommodations.  At a regular, Jehovan, facility, like a motel, the walls are often paper-thin, so any sexual activity *will* be obvious.  The pornography, aside from being egregiously patriarchal, is expensive, and, again, noticeable.  You have to stagger your entries and exits, keep the blinds shut tight, and hold yourself back, from *really* having a good time.  Well, in *our* facilities, there are no such concerns.  Temple TV, including Nightly Lilian News, is provided, free of charge, in every cabin and suite.  Facilities have their own heating controls, along with a variety of different covers and duvets, from thin, cashmere-style blankets, to heavy, goosedown-style comforters.  Each room features a Gospel of Lilith, the latest Bounty of Lilith, and some popular Lilian sex guides, to make your stay fun *and* spiritual!  For single sisters, we regularly host some of the best acolytes from around the world, many of whom have been featured in Lilian films, and photobooks.  For those on a budget, or just looking to experience the 'regional flavor', we also keep a couple of acolytes on staff, and you can always find some boys hanging around the bathhouse, looking for a quick fling, with "one of those pretty wiccan ladies"!

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