Monday, December 14, 2015

Lilian Slave Pricing 1 Retrospective

This concept came from a poster on 8chan.  I think (s?)he may have been suggesting a more uplifting type of story, about the Lilians bringing kids out of the ghetto, and teaching them skills, and love, and having them convert their parents and friends when they get home.  Of course, I had to put my spin on it, so we get this, instead. 


The first page picture actually features no sex at all, and, just a heads up, none of these pages are actually going to be sexual, in nature.  For a while now, I've been trying to find some way to use the nonsexual pages on the mamashotime pictures, and this seemed like a decent enough use for those pictures.  The fun and beautiful nature of the pictures themselves, should contrast well with the text. 
The text starts off with a Maoist quote, and doesn't really let up.  I keep with the 'revolution uber alles' theme, for a couple of reasons.  First, you have to really work hard, to justify setting a price for a living human being.  Maybe I'm too bleeding heart, but there's just something... different about taking a kid away using CPS, and buying a kid, wholesale.  Even if you're lying to the CPS, to take the kid away.  I think it's just the complicity of the parents, that gets to me.  The second reason, is a lot more straightforward.  The woman reading this, would live for the revolution.  She'd be a Lilian's Lilian, or at least, a Lilian extremist.  Appealing to her revolutionary zeal would probably be the best way to get her to do this. 
The ideological justification for this is actually not all that uncommon.  When they catch slaveholders in the west, this is always their justification.  The idea that they're saving these kids from a shitty life in their home country, and teaching them good skills, is always the prime reasoning that they give out.  Of course, the facade falls apart when you ask them the simple question of, "so why is (s)he not going to school?", but the justification is still there.  I didn't just make it up.  I imagine the Lilians would be giving these kids more education, but I'm going to very heavily imply that the kids are being trained as assassins and thugs, and not so much, you know, normal things.  They talk about soldiers a lot here, which is kind of hinting at what the kids are being picked for.  It's also kind of interesting that they're not using their own kids for these jobs.  That's horrible on a whole other level. 
The flower metaphor is one that gets used a lot in teaching and missionary circles, which is actually where I picked it up.  It's not incorrect, and I'm glad that I was able to add some realism to this argument.  The truth is, there are a lot of kids who need love and caring, and there is a lot that you can do to help them.  But of course, taking them away from their parents to train them as child soldiers/sex slaves is not the solution.  I really like the "scientists/meth-cooks theologians/con-artists" thing.  It's actually a great rhetorical device, for convincing people to give to charity.  But like everything, the Lilians turn it on its head. 

The second page picture actually wasn't supposed to be in the pamphlet at all, but I kind of needed a second page, to explain what was supposed to be going on, before getting to the real pamphlet.  I just picked it for its appeal, the woman is looking good, the boy is looking happy.  They're clearly in a sort of high-end situation.  It's nice.  Perfect for subversion.
The text here continues the ideological justification, while also explaining what the Nun is supposed to be doing with these boys, and why she was chosen.  Basically, making her a character.  This page explains the story, where the kids are coming from, why they can't be snatched up by CPS, and finally, lays it on the reader.  Unweighted Retail Price
I don't always choose my words carefully, but here, I did.  I wanted that phrase to really hit the reader right between the eyes.  That's an incredibly cold way of describing anything, much less a child.  The fact that they give it an acronym just adds to the horror of it all.  Hopefully it's not just me who has a problem with this concept, and with the commodification overall.  This idea has been something that I wanted to explore, for a while, but I never really had a good place for it, or a good idea for it.  I think that this pamphlet, will either piss everyone off, or be one of my better ones. 


So on wednesday, we'll be getting probably Rei's interview, for Sailor Sluts, which will be a nice little reprieve, and then we're back to the serious.  I'll be doing this pamphlet in 2 page blocks, because I want to be able to spend more time on them, than I normally would.  They're not as straightforward as the sexual narratives and guides.  

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