Monday, December 14, 2015

Lilian Slave Pricing 1

This is the intro to the Lilian Slave Pricing pamphlet, which essentially goes through how Jehovan boys are purchased from their parents, and sold into slavery.  The intro establishes the ideological justification for this act.


Rousing Maosing
Lilians or Villians?


00flower - A revolution is not a dinner party.  It is not a midnight snuggle, or a morning stroke.  It is not a nursing session, or an orgasmic release.  It is, at its core, an insurrection, against the tyranny of an oppressor.  Our oppressor is Jehovah, and his tyranny is well known.  Our insurrection, often comes in the form of passive resistance.  We ignore the cries of his followers.  We break the laws of his nations.  We take those who *would* become his greatest supporters, and seduce them, with our bodies, and our minds.  We do these things not for pleasure, but out of a desire for change.  A desire for revolution.  But revolution can never be so refined, so leisurely and gentle.  There are times, when our revolution must take a harder edge.  For this, we need soldiers.  Trained cadres, who fight with their hearts, who have families.  Mothers, sisters, brothers.  Mistresses, whom they obey, *as they would their goddess*.  Men who understand the brutality of this world, because they lived it, as boys.  If we had ten divisions of those men, our troubles in this world would be over very quickly.  But men like that don't come from the ether, and they generally don't come from our Temples, either.  In the ghettos of the world, the barrios, and the trailer parks, the group homes... *That* is where our greatest soldiers are found.  A boy, as we like to preach, is akin to a flower.  If the flower is given light, and water, and planted in good soil, it will thrive, growing up strong, and beautiful.  If it is denied these elements, it will wither and die, or bloom for a single day, its petals mottled, the colors muted, and its leaves yellowed and miserable.  But we must also consider the seed.  If a good seed is planted in bad soil, it will bloom quite robustly, but its colors may be changed, from a healthy red, to a diseased green.  There is no lack of 'good seeds' in the impoverished communities of our nation, but their care is often sub-par, and their soil is diseased, and dangerous.  In this bad soil, our greatest scientists, become a skilled meth cook.  Our greatest spies, become a cartel assassins.  Our greatest theologians, become con artists.  We must rescue these "good seeds", in a way that the Jehovans will not, and bring them into the light of Our Goddess' love, to serve our revolutionary aims.

01formalsip - As you well know, this is not a "standard" recruitment job.  You were hand-chosen for this assignment, because it is a taxing one.  Don't be fooled by the beauty and comfort of the accommodations.  This assignment will test you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  It will challenge your devotion to Our Goddess, and her revolution.  As we've said before, revolution is not a dinner party.  There are times when we must do things that *seem* wrong, even though they're totally necessary.  This is one of those times.  Within the wider Lilian world, there are a number of nuns, serving as teachers in what are called, "magnet schools"  These schools cater to young children of high intellect.  Most of these children come from wealthy families, but a few of them, do not.  These are the ones that we're interested in.  In their current situation, it is unlikely that they will be able to finish the expensive and parenting-intensive education, that the magnet schools provide.  These highly intelligent boys will be thrown into the public school system, often with attitudes that alienate them from their peers, which makes them easy pickings for gang recruiters.  The undeveloped nature of these communities, makes it impossible for us to rescue these boys using the normal "CPS to Lilian family" pipeline.  We must instead, use financial means, physically purchasing the adoption rights, from the mother, and then reselling them, to one of our priestesses.  Your role in this process is to determine the child's Unweighted Retail Price, or URP.

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