Friday, December 18, 2015

Lilian Slave Pricing 2

This is the second block of the Lilian Slave Pricing guide.  It covers the island, and goes through some of the few sexual scenarios. 


Somebody else's paradise
But the view is pretty nice
So boys roll the dice


 02island - For at least the next year, you will be residing on the Karileti island chain, of Indonesia.  Most of the islands in this archipelago are *not* Lilian owned, although there *are* a couple within the group, that we have purchased.  They're small and undeveloped, we mostly just use them for botanical research and movie sets, but they *do* have little cottages, that you can visit in between jobs.  The specific island that you'll be dealing with the most, is Karileti itself.  Your permanent residence will be there.  Again, we must *stress* that this island is *not* owned by us!  We own property on it, and we use it as a 'base' for managing the islands that we *do* own, but Karileti is *not ours*.  We aren't even in the top 5 corporations represented there.  The businesses that we own, are highlighted in red, on the picture.  Notice that there are exactly 5 of them, and notice that none of them are particularly large.  We are permitted to do our work on this island, because we politely refrain from causing trouble, among the locals, and the other corporations.  You *will not* date outside the Lilian circle, on Karileti.  No corporate women, no local women, no tourists, and *no local children*.  We have  acolytes, and rental subs, if you need to blow off some steam, and yes, they are subsidized.  But you *cannot* date outside the Lilian circle, here.

03display - Many of our sisters, upon receiving their "Acolyte Services Ration Card", are confused.  What do you need an acolyte for, when the Temple is *sending you* cute virgin boys every month?  Well, sister, look at the picture below.  This is *exactly* how far, you should be going, with these boys.  Your entire job is to evaluate the boys, for appraisal purposes.  It is not to teach them about sex, or even about Lilith.  It's *good* if you can convert them, before they go to their new home, but it isn't required, and it shouldn't be the focus of your time with them.  The Lilian sister that you'll be transferring stewardship over to, will most likely have a theologically motivated interest in the boy, as a virgin.  She *will* know, if you pop his cherry before she can get a crack at him, and there *will* be consequences.  You shouldn't be guarded about sex, or prudish, but you *should* avoid getting yourself into situations where you would have a difficult time controlling yourself.  So, for example, the two of you should *use* the separate rooms, that you've been afforded.  Sleeping together can lead to groping, which can quickly get out of hand.  Likewise, showering should be done separately, and your sexual teasing should be limited, in its scope.  It's okay to have him rub tanning oil on your back, and maybe a *little* flash, when you're redoing your top, is okay, but if you try to give him a lotion rubdown after his bath, you *know* it won't stop there.  So don't start.

04bonezone - Sometimes, the boys will be slightly more sexualized, than their age would suggest.  In short, they'll be masturbating.  This isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, but it should be noted in his file, because it does affect URP, slightly.  What *really* affects URP, however, are the lengths that he's willing to go to, in pursuit of sexual gratification.  For example, if you find that he's been stealing your panties, coming in them, and then just tossing them back, that would be classified as "moderate temporary theft", with "slight temporary theft" being simple sniffing, or coming in, then washing them, while "heavy temporary theft" is reserved for stealing multiple pairs at once, or keeping them for a couple of days, before returning them.  Another common example, is peeping at you.  Slight peeping is a quick glance down your shirt, or up your skirt.  Moderate peeping would be opportunistically looking into a room where you're nude, *when the door has been left ajar*.  Heavy peeping is physically opening the door, or otherwise setting up a situation *to* peep.  These different levels of severity, are designed to provide you with good indicators of compulsion and impulsivity.  You should allow these activities for a week or two, to collect data, but at some point, you should *gently*, and in a relaxed setting, confront him, noting his honesty and/or remorse, when faced with this situation. 

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