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Sailor Sluts Catalog Jupiter Interview 1

This is the first interview for Layla Daher, the actress who plays Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) in the Sailor Sluts series of Lilian films.  It canonizes her as being a very popular actress in the Lilian world, and sheds some light on the Lilian erotic film industry. 


The Popular Senshi
Her Popular Scene
She's got fans aplenty
To suckle her bean


MAKOTO1079_CHAP01_01a -
I:So Leyla, your depiction of Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) has, far and away, been the most popular character of the Sailor Sluts series.  Were you expecting that, and why do you think you're so popular?
L:Well I wasn't expecting it, really, but I probably should have.  We kind of wrote Makoto as this sort of sensitive, caring, mommy-domme type, and I think that type of character really resonates with a lot of boys.  Makoto herself, in the anime at least, gets *really* protective with boys she takes a shine to.
I:She does get 'mother hennish' at times.  Was there a particular episode that you based her character on?
L:I really loved her character in, "For Whom Is the White Rose".  She shows a lot of strength there, and the episode portrays the 'slave/mistress' relationship really well.  Nice songs, too!
I:So which scenes are you going to be showing us, today?
L:Well the first one just comes from "Sailor Sluts".  I know it's a little older, and everyone's seen it already, but it was a really good scene, with a really sweet boy.  The second and third scenes came from my solo movies, "Jizz for Jupiter", 1 and 2. 

MAKOTO1no_dial_28 -
I:So this is the scene that really set your career ablaze, and helped make Sailor Sluts popular.  What can you tell us about this particular scene?  Was it really as intimate as it looked, onscreen?
L:You know, it actually was, which is probably why it played so well, with the different audiences.  When we were planning our Sailor Sluts, we were trying to focus on recreating a lot of the harder femdom scenes from Shingo and the Sailor Sluts, and kind of 'one-up' them, in places.  I know Sofia took that idea *really* seriously, for her femdom scene.  I eh...  Well, I met my co-star, and I mean, he looked *exactly* like my little brother.  You know, I'm Lebanese, and he's Iraqi, and...  The femdom just didn't really make it on screen the way we were kind of expecting it to!
I:The femdom didn't make it, but the passion certainly did!  What else can you tell us about that scene?
L:First off, yes, the rumors are true, the scene that actually made it on the final cut, *was* kind of a mistake.  We went totally off script there, like, I was supposed to be smothering him with my tits for most of that scene, and he was supposed to be acting a lot more scared. 
I:And of course, there's the big one...
L:Yeah, the big obvious mistake in that scene, he wasn't supposed to say, "Oh Layla" when he shot off inside me. 
I:But it worked so well!  The way you two just gazed into each others eyes, and then you held him close, and started kissing him.  Who cares about the script, that was hot!
L:That's what I keep hearing!  It's kinda funny though, I only kissed him, to keep us from laughing, we *totally* screwed up that scene!

I:So how did "Jizz for Jupiter" actually come about?  A lot of people noticed that in the first one, there was actually less "Jupiter", and more "Makoto".  How did you come to make that stylistic choice?
L:It actually wasn't a stylistic choice at all, right after we wrapped up the filming for Sailor Sluts, Kaori and I went back to Mosul, and started doing "Stroke for Me" videos, you know, solo stuff.  So "Jizz for Jupiter" was originally called, "Lust for Layla", and the scenarios were pretty standard.  But then, when Sailor Sluts took off, I got contracted to do a "1on1 with Jupiter" video, and they wanted it within a week.  So we changed a couple of lines, added a boy, and then shot the scenes, largely, as they'd been originally designed.  People noticed, but they still liked it, which was a relief!
I:So another happy accident, than?
L:Yeah, I must be the luckiest girl in the world, right?  It ended up working really well, since Kaori's stuff tends to be super intimate, and that's what a lot of people wanted from the Sailor Jupiter character.  I mean, the scenarios were easy enough to change.
I:What were the original scenarios like?
L:Well, the 'Jupiter saves a boy from a snow monster and then warms him up with snuggle-sex' was originally just a video tour of my body, while I cooed into the camera.  The 'Jupiter turns into a Mistress 9 type, and only boylove can save her' scene was originally just 'Jerk it for your Queen'.  Stuff like that.  We didn't change that much...

MAKOTO232_10 -
I:In "Jizz for Jupiter 2", there was a larger emphasis on the Sailor Jupiter costume itself, but there was also a bit of a focus on body hair.  Was there a particular reason for doing that?
L:In between Jizz for Jupiter 1 and 2, Kaori and I actually decided to go ahead and do a *real* Lust for Layla video.  In our market research, we found that my biggest fanbase was, somewhat unsurprisingly, in the Pacific Northwest.  Everybody who's anybody, knows how they get up there, when it comes to shaving.  For a while, they wouldn't even *show* bald pussies on their Temple TV, unless the girl was young enough for it to be natural.  They've eased up, but the mentality is still there, so we just went with the natural look.  I actually started to like it, though, and so did my fans, so my new videos make it a feature. 
I:Were there any other changes between Jizz for Jupiter 1 and 2?
L:Nothing really massive, it's still the same basic formula, Kaori's still writing it, I'm still performing...  We did manage to get like, 5 or 6 different Sailor Jupiter outfits, in different configurations.  The biggest change, really, is that we wrote the scenarios and and monologues in more of the "Stroke For Me" style, and let the boys act like more of a prop, than an actual partner.  Most of the 'high chemistry' scenes are going to be in "Loving Layla", and "Electric Kisses".

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