Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sailor Sluts Catalog Jupiter Interview 1 Retrospective

I keep breaking my own rules.  I'm supposed to do the prewriting first, post that, then do the intro, and then get to the content.  I'm really going out of order.  I've got half(?) of the prewriting done, none of the intro, and yet, I'm still cranking shit out.  We'll see whether this ends up being a huge mess, later.


First off, all of these pictures come from Free Style's work with the Sailor Moon series.  There's a lot of it, and I'm using as much of it as I realistically can. 
The first page picture features Jupiter just kind of laying around, looking pretty.  It's a good picture, and it even managed to index correctly.  Jupiter was never my favorite Sailor Scout (mine was Mercury) but I always really liked her better than the others.  Apparently, Free Style liked her a lot, because they made like 3 sets of mostly just her.  I know I won't be able to use them all, which blows, but I'll try to get a good coverage.  I get the feeling you guys might like her a lot.
The text here is in interview format, which I haven't done in a loooooong while.  This page is mostly setup, talking about how she's the most popular actress of the Sailor Sluts, and she mostly attributes it to the character, and the writing.  I was able to toss in a little shoutout to the anime, for a couple reasons.  Reason 1 being that it gives me an excuse to go back and watch certain episodes of Sailor Moon, and reason 2 being that it canonizes, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that it's the real Sailor Moon, that we're talking about here, and not some in-universe thing that I made up. 
After that, it's mostly just her setting up the rest of the interview.  Nothing special there.  I tried to write her as being a really laid back, fun-loving type.  Not sure whether I accomplished that, but hey, that was the intention. 

There were a couple of different pictures that I could have used for this, even a couple where Jupiter and her boy are making out.  But I decided to use this one, because I think gazing longingly into the eyes, is a bit more intimate, than making out with them.  Or at least, the pictures that I had available, for kissing, were substantially less intimate than this one.  I might end up using one of those kissing pics later, though, for when I'm doing the actual video ads.  This catalog is going to be long as shit, by the way.  Certain elements will be less 'text heavy', but there's going to be a lot of pages. 
The text here largely explains what was being done, with the first Sailor Sluts film, which, in universe, is the sequel to 'Shingo and the Sailor Sluts', which was introduced into the story way back when I was doing magazine ads, like a year ago.  The women are kind of a rainbow team, or at least as much as the Sailor Scouts can be, considering that they're all like, lily-white, and 2 of them are blondes.  I decided to make Jupiter Lebanese, because I was looking for white looking arabs, who would realistically be open to the Lilian idea.  Lebanon is really quite liberal, in parts, so she becomes Lebanese.  In my headcanon, by the way, this may have been filmed in Basra.  Not sure. 
Anyway, so the two of them are instantly kind of drawn to one another, and there's a lot of chemistry between them, so they end up screwing the whole 'femdom' atmosphere, but it goes really well in the end.  There's some sexual narrative in this scene, but it's mostly just her discussing the scene itself.  I'm thinking that if there's ever going to be sexual narrative in these, it's going to be in the 'extended' video ads.  You'll see what I mean, when I get around to doing those (probably friday).

The third page picture is a bit of a departure, since it's not Jupiter, or at least, she's not wearing her costume.  I did a bit of work on the faces, just a simple swap-job, to make her look like she's speaking to the boy. 
The text here was very much influenced by the picture, which is one of the reasons why I love using already existing anime pics, and not trying to make my own stuff, from already existing writing.  The bulk of the text here, is actually just her talking about the Lilian erotic film industry, and how it works.  I find that sort of thing kind of neat, to write about, but I can understand if nobody else does.  The rest of the text is essentially expanding on that idea, although we do get a very, very, short explanation of what's supposed to be happening in the picture.  Also, I kind of manage to (re)canonize the idea that JOI is a thing in the Lilians, and that Kaori (Rei) is big into that scene. 

The last page was originally going to be in the next interview part, but I ended up putting it in this one, because I felt like it fit a bit better, thematically, and for storyline purposes.  It didn't index the best, unfortunately, but sometimes things don't.  Sucks, though, because this is actually a really nice pic. 
The text here is mostly a leadup to the next interview, which will mostly be about Layla's pussy and armpit hair.  Sorry to those of you who don't like that sort of thing, but you know the Lilians wouldn't be shaving. 
Anyway, the text here focuses some more on the Lilian erotic film industry, and really, most of these interviews are going to end up being storyline on the Lilian film industry, since I haven't really covered it at all, and this is a great place for it.  There's a bit in the text that kind of sets up a couple of possible video ads, which I may or may not use. 


So next up is probably the Jupiter solo movie ads, and I guess I'll figure out how I'm going to do those, between today and friday.  Hopefully you guys dig this idea, because it's going to be the "big pamphlet" for a while.  I will be doing the usual staggering, though, so it won't be nothing but Sailor Sluts, for like, weeks on end.  

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