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Sailor Sluts Mars Interview

This is the Kaori Suzuki interview, for the Sailor Sluts catalog.  It expands some of the ideas about the Lilian erotic industry overall, and provides a bit of foreshadowing, along with some characterization, as well.


Old school rhyme spittin
Got all the boys smitten
Gives a lot of footjobs
But she ain't frostbitten


 REIA03C -
I:Kaori, can you explain the change between Rei's character in "Shingo", vs the one in "Sailor Sluts"?
K:Well, Shingo and The Sailor Sluts was really kind of a throwaway, in terms of actual scriptwriting and characterization.  We were mostly playing the Sailor Scouts very straight, without really putting our own spin on things.  When it came time to do Sailor Sluts, we wanted to be a bit more creative.
I:Well, one of the things fans love, is the creativity of Rei's monologues.  Where do those come from?
K:Well, when people usually think about Lilian culture in Japan, they think of Tokyo Metro, and Tokyo Suburb, because that's where all the comics come from.  But what a lot of people *don't* know, is that before the Lilian manga industry took off, there was a *very* large audio erotica scene.
I:You mean all those old "Stroke for Me" tapes?
K:Yeah, but in Japan, there were something like 8 or 9 different quarterly collections, so every year, you'd have upwards of 30 different tapes floating around, of people telling stories, doing instructions, or just moaning into the mic.
I:Did you do any of these?
K:I had my own little crew up past the Tomakomai train station, in the 80's.  We'd write out different sex fantasies, and got our little brothers to read them on the tapes, while getting off.  We were actually the first ones to include a little photobook with the tape!

REIno_dial_03 -
I:So what made you decide to bring back the 'stroke for me' style, for Rei's character in Sailor Sluts?
K:(laughter)It wasn't always going to be just me, doing that!  When we were in the initial writing stages, we decided to have certain scenes that would be, you know, straight *at* the viewer.  But we were going to have both Frida do those scenes, so *she'd* be more of the seductive, ara-ara milfy type, and *I'd* be the hardcore superdomme.  But Frida hadn't really done the whole 'talk to the camera' thing before, so it came out sounding really weird.  She needed a sub to play off of, so we switched the roles.
I:A lot of your fans have noticed that Rei's character doesn't really do so many insertion scenes with the boys.  Is there a reason for that?
K:Rei's character was always much more reserved, and elegant, that's one of the reasons why I liked her, and that's why we were going to make her more of the faraway, aloof, femdom type.  When we changed the character, we wanted her to retain that same type of 'goddess above you' elegance, but have her still be approachable and loving, at the same time.  We also had to use a lot of POV shots, for the scenes to be immersive.  So to balance all of those different needs, we just decided to limit the actual insertion, and have her character be more of the 'reverse sadist' type, who inflicts pleasure, but takes little for herself.

REIno_dial_13 -
I:Many of your scenes seem to involve those fiery red pumps, in some way.  Are footjobs a theme for Rei?
K:They are, and it's really a couple of things.  First off, they're red.  Red high heels, super sexy.  Especially on a dominant woman.  We actually had a little "focus group" of dancers at one of the Boy Clubs in Mosul, that we would go to, for ideas.  One of the biggest things that came up, when we asked them what they loved about Rei, was her shoes.  They would just go on and on about the shoes.  So when it came time to plan out our scenes, we made sure to really pander to that fetish.  The second reason is more simple.  Rei's supposed to be this unattainable goddess type, so the most obvious way that she would interact with her 'subjects', sexually, would be teasing them with her feet.
I:Were you very well versed in foot play before Sailor Sluts?
K:Are you kidding? (laughter) I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, the first time I tried it!  The boys at the club had to *teach* me how to use my feet for that.  It's really strange, I'd *gotten* plenty of 'F-Type' lapdances from them before, so it's like, the concept was there, but when it came to actually doing it myself...  It's one of those things that seems really easy, until you actually have to do it!
I:Seeing as Minako's character is very femdommish, and also wears pumps, why didn't *she* jump on the footjob bandwagon?
K:We actually discussed that quite a bit, and we considered having a dual footjob scene, but in the end, we decided that the two characters were already *really* overlapping, and we wanted Minako to feel more sexually available.

REIB12 -
I:So your fans rejoiced, when they saw that you'd finally be having penetrative sex, in Sextreme
K:Yeah I'm sure they did, and I'm sure they lost it, when they saw me take it up the ass! (laughter) But really, I've been doing blowjob scenes since Sailor Sluts, and if you've got *really* good eyes, you can see that I got a little tip, in Shingo, while I was doing the whole 'thighfuck/grinding' scene.  And I mean, yeah, I've fucked boys before (laughter).
I:But you have to understand, your fans *love* you!  They've been listening to you weave beautiful fantasies all this time, and they've been patiently waiting to see all them brought to life.
K:I understand, though, it's something that I hadn't really done *on camera*.
I:It certainly seems to have pleased *my* little ones!  But more seriously, one of the reasons that the Swedish Regional Congress decided to ban Sextreme, was because of rumors that you were planning to have a scene with a wolf?
K:Funny story, we were at the club, throwing around ideas for Sextreme, and the boys were joking about how, since Laura was doing the gangbang, and Sofia was getting throatfucked, I should have to fuck a dog!  And later on, that turned into a plot point, where the boy's all super-sexual, because he's got a horny dog youma inside him.

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