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Sailor Sluts Mars Interview Retrospective

So I finally worked out a compromise between my desire to have a small filesize, and also not index my pictures.  I'm indexing them for the omnibus, but not for the general (bigimage) releases.  It takes literally 0 effort on my part, and fixes the problem, entirely. 

This interview was really fun to do, and lays down a lot of backstory.  It isn't as focused as the last one, but then, the last one wasn't really focused at all, either.  I like the way it came out.


The first page picture was chosen from a couple of possible ones, most of which included foot pics.  I decided to use this one as the first pic, because it gives you a view of her hairy asshole.  Really, that was it.  In retrospect, one of the more foot-centric versions may have been better, since I'm not sure how much appeal Sailor Mars' hairy asshole actually has. 
The text here starts off with some more discussion on Shingo and the Sailor Sluts, vs Sailor Sluts.  My headcanon (soon to be realcanon) idea for this catalog, is that it was packaged with Shingo and the Sailor Sluts, essentially to sell more Sailor Sluts material.  I
It moves on to discuss the Japanese Lilian Erotica industry, which is interesting, at least to me.  There's some backstory for Kaori too, which is fun.  I wanted to give her a more 'impoverished' backstory, but I didn't really have enough characters to really flesh that out.  I kind of want there to be a bit of a mutual disdain, between the Honshu Lilians, who are wealthier, and more beloved, on a global scale, and the Hokkaido Lilians, who are greater in number, but poorer, overall.  I also think it would be interesting to play with the idea that many of the Honshu Lilians are ethnic (majority) Japanese, while the Hokkaido Lilians are mostly Ainu.  Some Birakumin in the mix would be really interesting, as well.  I honestly want Japan to be one of the "big 3" superpowers in the post-revolution materials, so I want to set up problems for them, now.  Because dystopia is more fun. 
In other news, I also want to have the post-revolution Eugenian demographics be ridiculously multiracial, since they'd be pulling a ton of their "panic recruits" from women's prisons, and social services group homes.  The 'revolution' happens quickly, and without much warning, and, as those of you who have played my game know, is ridiculously thorough.  So yeah, the terms "quadroon", "octoroon", and "mestizo", would be in common parlance.  But that's another story, for another time.

The second page picture is a really fun one.  I don't know why I like it so much, but I really love it.  Maybe it's the pasties.  I tend to find pasties hot.  Anyway, the wink is nice too, and the tissues add to the overall a e s t h e t i c .
The text here largely continues the story from the last page.  Hopefully the first paragraph makes sense, it's kind of meandering, and could have been written much better.  We'll be meeting Frida probably next week.  The second paragraph largely sets up the final page, but it's kind of interesting to see their ideas when it comes to the character of Rei, and how they would affect how they play her, in a porno.  And by their ideas, I of course mean my ideas.  But anyway, it's still fun. 

The third page picture was kind of difficult to pick, because there are better, more graphic, footjob pics for Mars.  I picked this one, mostly, because I like her outfit, and the way that her tits fall on her chest. 
The text here is pretty much all footjob related, because y'all know where I go, when I run out of shit to talk about.  Straight to the floor.  Anyway, this concept, honestly, has some level of merit.  A lot of the people who like Rei the best, either cite her sexy pumps, or her long, silky hair, as their reasoning.  I didn't have any hairjob pics, so footjobs were the next best thing.  Also, I'm not sure I've ever done a hairjob pic for this project.  Hairjobs are pretty rare, and /ss/ hairjobs are even more rare.  /ss/ hairjobs that aren't super maledom, are even more rare.  So we'll see, about that hairjob set. 
Anyway, I dig that I was able to make Kaori kind of human, when it comes to the footjobs, at least.  She had to learn how to do it, from her stripper buddies.  In my headcanon (which is quickly becoming realcanon), the Sailor Sluts actresses actually run their own production, and they all spend a lot of time at a Lilian strip club, in Mosul.  Kaori talks a bit about getting "F-Type" lapdances, which is a concept that I haven't explored at all, and may or may not actually find a way to, ever.  But in my headcanon, there's like 15 or 20 different types of lapdance that you can order, and one of them is the "F-Type", which would most likely involve the boy performing a footjob on the woman, in some way.  There's like 2 or 3 different positions where this would work.  Really, I've got a lot of headcanon for a possible "stripper training" pamphlet, along the lines of the "acolyte training" pamphlet, but what I'm really lacking, is actual artwork for it.  And that probably won't change, since the poses are really complex. 

The last page picture is nice, since she's smiling so big.  There are actually a ton of really great Reifuck pics in this set, but I decided on this one, since it had the wagging tail boy, and Rei actually isn't fucking ahegaoing and looking like a damn fool.  The boy looks a little big, but he's also got an asstail, which helped with the 'BANNED IN SWEDEN' subplot, which will be discussed in more detail, later. 
The text starts out with a little bit of expansion on the "Kaori doesn't do penetrative scenes" thing, by explaining that she kinda does, and that it's more of a character thing, than a personal thing.  We then continue to the BANNED IN SWEDEN foreshadowing, and explain one of the (many) reasons that their "brown sailor sluts" video ended up being banned.  A lot of good characterization, here, for the group overall.  I wish that I could put in something about one of them snorting coke off of little boy dicks at the club, but alas, there aren't really any good pictures of that.  Well, actually I do, so I might end up making a couple of propaganda posters for this "Swedish Union of Lilians".


Hooray!  You guys seem to like the ads, more than you like the interviews, which is understandable, so rejoice, you'll be getting one of those, on monday.  For friday, we'll be doing the second set for Lilian Slave Pricing, and next week, will be mostly Sailor Sluts.  

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