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Sailor Sluts Venus Interview

This is the interview for Frida Eld, who plays Sailor Venus, in Sailor Sluts.  It covers her character, and her views on the banning of Sextreme.


A sextreme slut
The guild says, "tut tut"
While the boys get a nut


 MINAKOno_dial_10 -
I:Frida, you handle much of the production for the Sailor Sluts franchise, as well as starring in the films, yourself.  Has taking on this double duty affected Minako's character, at all?
F:Well I'm sure it has, but we decided early on, that we were going to take a lot of creative license with the characters, so that we could appeal to as many different boys as possible.  For example, Ami's character is more of a libertine, and my character is more dominant than she was, originally.
I:Dominant, but still approachable, is what we're hearing.  Was that the concept for Minako?
F:Well it's actually a bit complex.  We wanted approachable, but approachable *with conditions*.  You had to please her, before she'd give you what you wanted, and you had to show some real deference!
I:Why did you decide to go that route?
F:Minako's character was always a bit more refined than the others, and more regal.  She was well traveled, she was actually the first of the Sailor Senshi to become conscious, and her actions are quite mission oriented, overall.  I wanted Minako's Sailor Sluts character to reflect these qualities, and build on them.  Her eroticism may sometimes seem reserved, on the surface, but you'll notice that it's often quite focused on evaluation, and education.  She's not afraid to enjoy herself, but she gets the work done, first.  Work hard, play hard.  I take that philosophy, myself.
I:So we've heard.  Are the allegations of the SUoL true?
F:I do let my hair down, on occasion, but only within the confines of LRI law.

MINAKO_no_dial_24 -
I:How does your character's domination style differ from the other Sailor Sluts in the series?
F:Minako isn't royalty in the original work, but she does have sort of a "regal" personality, particularly when she's in "senshi mode".  So when we were planning out the characters, we decided to have her be the sort of character that would pretend to ignore a boy, as he masturbated, or have him stand in front of her, so that she could 'inspect' him.  A very stern type of character.  The other girls were a bit more overtly sexual.  For example, a nude boy is in front of Ami.  She'll probably start squeezing his nipples, while she goes to town on his cock.  Rei would dirty talk him as he jerks off.  But Minako would inspect his body, and comment on it.
I:So Minako has a bit more self control?
F:Well (laughter) I guess you could interpret it that way, but we were going for more of a humiliation fetish, sort of thing.  She'll start off by breaking a boy down a bit, before building him back up, in a way that pleases her.  She's a domme!  I mean come on, "Venus Love-Me Chain"?  The character has a whip attack!  Totally a domme.
I:How much of yourself did you put into Minako?  Are you a domme?
F:Oh, well I'd certainly love to think so!  We all put a lot of ourselves into the characters, really.  I know Sofia really had a lot that she wanted to do with Ami, and I think she did a great job with that dichotomy.  Obviously, Kaori's been doing the "Stroke for Me" stuff for like, ever.  Layla and Laura both have backgrounds in Sex Ed for the *really* young kids, so they were right at home playing the mommy-domme.  I was a bit of the odd duck, actually, since I'd never really worked with too many kids.  I did a lot of slave management, which was pretty domination-heavy, but you know, it was less overtly sexual.

MINAKO_no_dial_33 -
I:From a character perspective, do you think Minako's transitions between domme and 'slut' were realistic?
F:You know, that's a question that we get a lot, and it's one that I'd love to answer.  When we decided to make Sailor Sluts, we knew there would be a backlash.  People are unwilling to see their superheroines being *this* sexual, and they especially didn't like seeing the *very* mild maledom scenes.  They felt like we were cheapening the Sailor Scouts.  The reality, though, is that every Daughter of Our Goddess has this dichotomy, between the dominant, and the mother.  The mistress, and the servant.  Even domination is a service, on some level.  So I think the transition was very realistic.
I:So you think the Union was wrong to ban Sailor Sluts Sextreme?
F:I worked with the Union for long enough, to know that they'll do what they want, when they want.  But the fact is, a very intelligent girl is *going* to experiment with domination and submission, and *sometimes* she's going to be on the bottom.  A very dominant girl doesn't *have* to be dominant all the time, she can enjoy herself, and let go, and scream like a banshee, and that doesn't make her a "stereotype".  She isn't being "tamed by the cock" for mounting a tied up boy.  *She's taming him*.  It's ridiculous what those glorified streetwalkers at the " Swedish EroInd Worker's Guild" extrapolated, from these films.  Ideas like theirs, are why we're the only major Lilian region to have a problem with apprentices going too far with their trainer slaves. 

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