Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sailor Sluts Venus Interview Retrospective

This one took a little bit of time and work to do, but I feel like it came out reasonably well.  We at least get to hear Frida's side of the story. 


The first page picture was kind of a random one.  I wasn't sure which one to use, but this one seemed decent enough.  I guess it fits, though, since I ended up writing for it, somewhat.  I'm still not sure what's going on with the boy under her.  Is he fucking her thighs?  Only the dead can say, for sure.
The text here largely sets up Frida's character, as the producer of the films.  I wanted to have her talking a bit more about the different characters, as well as her own.  Notice her use of the term, "conscious" by the way.  It's supposed to reflect her left-wing past, since that's a word that gets thrown around a lot in that discourse.  "Class Conscious" usually becomes just "Conscious".  Not sure if that got across, really, but hey, that's my writing.  I give a bit of a callback/shoutout to the first poster, here, at the end, which I thought was really cool.  Just tying those together, and giving her a chance to give her non-response. 

The second page picture is another "sailor venus not really fucking anyone" pic.  She's the approachable one?  Anyway, cute face on the boy in the background, and I love the way that Venus is just kind of letting him do what he wants, with no real reaction.  Is that dominant?  Well, it's not submissive, that's for sure.
The text here gives a bit more screen time to the other characters, while still being mostly focused on Minako.  I kind of wish I'd gone for more of a "she's desired by everyone, but they have to prove themselves to her" angle, and I kind of did, but I didn't, at the same time.  But whatevs.  I get a bit of backstory on the different Sailor Sluts actresses, which is neato.  We'll see whether I forget about them, when it comes time for their interviews.

The third page picture is one of the few "Venus having sex and loving it" pictures that Freestyle has done, which is what it is.  Actually, part of the reason I made Venus the producer, is because she doesn't have as many pics. 
The text actually gets pretty philosophical (lol) here, discussing the idea that the main issue that people have with Sailor Sluts, as a franchise, comes from more Jehovan belief structures, that a woman must be either a Madonna, or a Jezebel.  Definitely something that the producer of the film would talk about.  But anyway, we also get some more backstory about the ban, and we find out that the SUoL isn't so much the bad guy here, and instead, it's the SEIW, which is actually a pretty bitchin name for a hooker's union. We also get some backstory about the Swedes, and we find out that they've got a bit of a problem with ultraviolent lolidoms.  Something that I mentioned, somewhat in passing, during the Mennonite Madness story, but something that I want to bring up again, here.  It's kind of an interesting idea.  We'll learn more about it, in Ami's interview. 


So, probably going to be gone around Orthodox Christmas, which means I'll be releasing for wednesday and friday, or possibly wednesday and thursday.  or saturday.  Maybe friday.  We'll see.  Anyway, it might be Lilian Slave Pricing, or it might not be.  Again, we'll see.  

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