Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa Sexperience Retrospective

This was pretty fun to write, just since it's so festive.  I do like doing things of this nature.  I'm planning on doing another one (with Snegurochka) for Orthodox Christmas, by the way.  It's be a standard 'summoning' type of thing, though.


So where do we start, eh?  The picture of course, where we normally start.  I found this little set on gelbooru today, under the 'straight shota' tag.  I wasn't originally going to do anything today, since I'm still getting over my little flu, but I decided that since it's Roman Christmas, I should at least do something.  You know, get into the spirit.  And this worked for a grimoire page.  So I did it.  I kinda wish the boy didn't have (reindeer) horns, but hey, whatever.  He's very cute, horns or no horns.
The text here largely revolves around doing a couple of things.  First, we have to establish what the Lilians actually do for Yule/Christmas, and we also have to explain why the woman's wearing a santa costume, when the Lilians obviously don't celebrate Christmas.  So I wrote this totally BS story about how santa was really a Lilian, and she fucked the boys, instead of giving them presents.  It could have been fleshed out slightly better, but I think it's a decent enough concept.  So yeah, the first page explains the story behind the ritual.

The second page picture is the only christmas themed one that the artist did, which kind of sucks, because the picture itself is a little on the "not that great" side of things. 
The text here mostly focuses on explaining the ins and outs of the ritual itself, which is useful for building a longform fantasy (in your head) around the ritual, but not so much for actually, physically, reading and fapping to.  There isn't a whole lot of dirty talk, here.  I like the little bit of storytelling, though, at the end.  It's kind of neat to think that the ritual would eventually kind of evolve from just a standard fuck, to an almost professional occasion, where the woman involved, would be on her best behavior, and more intent on pleasing the mom, than the child.  It's kind of interesting to think about, that way. 


Soooo, yeah, I've been sick, and my bosses needed all hands on deck this week at work, so I've been doing that, too.  Basically, I've been really tired, so that's why I haven't been releasing.  I'll probably get back to it this next week, and there's a decent chance I'll be doing a release tomorrow night, of just a couple of random propaganda things.  

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