Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa Sexperience

This is technically a grimoire page, but it doesn't really gel with the others.  It was supposed to be a standard grimoire "how to summon" type of thing, but I wasn't really able to make Nikoleta a goddess, with the characters that I had to work with.  Sooooo, it became just a straightforward ritual page.  I might do more of these, by the way. 


Nikoleta in charge
Pretty sexy, at large


 nicoleta1 - Any good Lilian knows that we don't *actually* celebrate Christmas.  We don't celebrate Saturnalia either.  We celebrate Yule, as our Goddess has intended.  But every year, our Priestesses and Nuns dress up like a sexy santa, and shower the young children with candies, toys, and of course, *sex*!  Now part of the reason why we do this is obvious.  It's an excuse to dress up in a sexy costume, and have an orgy.  But there is another reason, more theological in nature.  The Jehovans like to tell a story about a "St Nikolas" who would, on or around the winter solstice (Yule), secretly leave coins in people's shoes, for some unexplained, presumably Jehovan, purpose.  The real story, of course, is much older, and more *fun*.  Early in the "Common Era", a wealthy Greek trader, named Nikoleta, was residing in what is now Istanbul.  She was a Lilian, and like most Lilians, she enjoyed playing with the local boys.  She would normally approach them on their own, but on the days leading up to the winter solstice, she'd have her attractive maids go around, sneaking into the bedrooms of her chosen boys, and pleasing them, in the moonlight.  They would leave behind a small erotic figurine for the boy, and a bit of "hush money" for his mother or nurse.  One of our Yuletide traditions is a celebration of this story, which is a ritual, in itself!

nicoleta2 - Nikoleta's Invitation, as we call it, has a number of elements.  The first element, consists of the dates that you would perform this ritual.  It's normally the 19th and 20th of December, but depending on the exact number of boys and mistresses, this may vary.  The second element is the nightly visit.  It's traditional for the sister to crawl through her boy's window, but that isn't always practical, for safety reasons.  As for gifts, the standards are Lilian pornography, sex toys, narcotic candies or sodas, and lingerie, although the traditional erotic figurines, do make a good gift, and there are certainly a great many to choose from.  Obviously, the "traditional" dress, for this ritual, is a "sexy santa", although certain embellishments can be applied, to make it a bit more "Lilian".  It's said that Nikoleta's *original* maids, preferred to wear a verdant green cloak, with lavender pasties, underneath.  The sex should be female dominant in a general sense, but there's no need for any sort of BDSM play.  As far as choosing the boys, it was traditionally randomized, but these days, we'll often match a nun or priestess with a boy that she's thinking of taking as her slave, since the *second* half of the ritual involves giving a (usually somewhat substantial) gift, to the mother of the boy. 

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