Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sister's Special Magazine Intros

These are the magazine intros for the Sister's Special issues of the Bounty of Lilith magazine.  I never actually got around to making them, before.


Can't think of rhymes
Don't have the time


It's February, sisters, and you know what *that* means!  Imbolc, the festival of maidens, is upon us!  This holiday is often interpreted by our Gaian cousins and predecessors, as a celebration of lesbian lust, and so, erotic displays between young girls, are a huge part of their Imbolc festivities.  As *our* theology is far more developed, we take a more nuanced view.  We certainly *do* host sister specific orgies here and there, but for the most part, our Imbolc is about celebrating the hot, *bisexual* lusts, taut bodies, and sexual creativity, of our young sisters.  But there is another thing that we celebrate, during Imbolc.  The daring and boldness of our maidens is not confined to the bedroom!  Every day, around the world, Lilian sisters risk life and limb, not to mention freedom, to bring their oppressed young brothers into the light of Our Goddess' love.  These brave sisters, by and large, are quite young, and extremely talented.  We call them nuns, but to the adoring converts, they are an extension of Our Goddess, herself.  This month's specials focus on these sisters, who, in an official, or unofficial capacity, work tirelessly to bring the adoration of Our Goddess off the page, and into the lives, of our boys.  We have two specials this month.  In our first article, we follow a young Nun working in the San Fransisco Jehovan sex industry, who makes a point of approaching young boys on or around their birthdays, to give them an *extra special* present, worthy of a prince!  Our second special is focused on the sisters who may be far from a Regional Temple, but still want to share their love, and Our Goddess' *lust*, with the boys around them.  It explores the different 'archetypes' of needy young boys, their lifestyles and mores, and offers some useful tips, on how to liberate them from the Jehovan system.  If there's a cute little dumpling that you've had your eye on for a while, make sure to check it out!

September is here, sisters!  The weather may be getting chilly, but our lust is as hot as ever!  With September, comes Mabon, the festival of the Crone.  Now, our more mature sisters tend to get a bad rap, often being relegated to the pages of more fetishistic erotica, and serving as 'Practice Goddesses' for our Sex-Ed classes.  Some of our less tactful sisters, even refer to them as, "thirsty".  But we must remember that the triple moons of Our Goddess' symbol represent two encouragements, unity, for our sisters, and balance, for our boys.  A boy's mother should always take precedence, of course, but just as the crescents flank the orb, the maidens and, yes, crones, should be *very* present, in the sexual lives of our beloved boys.  Just as a young maiden will put a boy through his paces, and a mother will shower him with love and adoration, a more mature lady will also play an important role in a boy's sexual development.  Her honed skills, and sage wisdom, will help a boy to truly understand his role within the Temple, and the wider Lilian Revolution.  We have three specials this time.  Our first piece tells the story of a pair of lesbian lovers, one with a love of boys, and one who just hasn't tried it yet!  We follow them through a night of lust, and play, as they embrace one another, and consider what the addition of a sweet, supple, acolyte, could bring to the table.  Our second feature is the touching story of a young boy, at one of the oldest Lilian spas, in the mountains of Idaho.  He'd long been friendly towards one of the older masseurein, but the two of them had never been together.  Well, a chance encounter with a couple of lusty lesbians, changed all that!  Our third special explains an element of our faith that some of the newer, or more rural sisters, may not be aware of.  Our Goddess has decreed that her boys should be lovingly devoted to all Lilians, and while *some* of our little ones tend to gloss over that provision, there are others, who take it *very* seriously, and have chosen to dedicate their years of adorable pubescence, towards gaining the expertise, to please!  

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