Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sister's Special Magazine Intros Retrospective

I didn't really have anything special to do today, so I decided that I'd go ahead and do these.  I've been meaning to do them for a while, and I guess now's the time.  I think they came out reasonably well, although they're probably of a slightly different tone than the others, since my writing style has definitely changed, since I was doing these on the reg.


The first one is for Imbolc, which is the maiden's day.  I manage to get an acknowledgement of the fact that the Lilian holidays are totally ripped off the Wiccan ones, which is fun.  I'm actually kind of surprised that I didn't do any lesbian specials for this one, but then again, I'm not surprised, since, you know, I'm the one who writes these...  I didn't (and don't really) feel super comfortable with my ability to write lesbian stuff.  I feel like I did a decent job with the Milf Lesbian set, but it was still difficult to write.  Anyway, I kind of had to alter my original plan for the Imbolc intro, since I didn't actually put in any lesbian stories.  So Imbolc instead became about Nuns, to match what I wrote.
I imagine they'll change it every year, just depending on what they want at any particular time.  One of the fun things about the Eugenians making BoL, is that they can essentially dictate their theology, to the entire Lilian world.  If they choose to focus a lot on, say, gay sex between boys, there will probably be more gay sex between boys, since there would be more people thinking about it, and more appealing fantasies in the general Lilian world.  Or maybe not.  Who knows?

The second one is for Mabon, and it sort of discusses the status of the Crones in the Lilian Temple, as generally ignored.  It explores some semi-interesting theology, around the Lilian symbol, and how it could be interpreted, which is pretty neat.  That (borrowed) symbol really does have a lot of meaning, when you get right down to it.
I decided to put Crone Strike in with the Sister's Special Old issue, since I hadn't really gotten any real crone stuff in that one.  Just lesbians and acolyte ads.  It was reasonably fun to write these, although they're kind of covering sets that everyone's already seen.  I like that I was able to get a bit of rhyming in at the end.  I feel like these intros should be fun, and what's more fun, than rhyming words?


So tomorrow will most likely be the next few pages of Lilian Slave Pricing, then on either Thursday or Friday, I'll do the next Sailor Sluts thing.  It'll probably be an ad.  

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