Sunday, January 17, 2016

Aster Sex-Ed Retrospective

So first I said I'd have shit done by Friday, and I actually did, but I couldn't think of any good rhymes.  Then I was going to do the release on Saturday, but I was just kinda like 'eh' about the whole thing, and I got distracted, and I still couldn't think of any good rhymes.  So today I'm just like fuck it, I'm releasing it. 

This one was kind of slapped together, to be honest.  I found a set that I wanted to use, and just went ahead and used it.  It came out... okay, I guess.  It's not my best work, which sucks, because it's Tetrodotoxin, and he's a really good artist. 

But anyway... 


The first page picture and text does what I did in the Pornstar Recruitment set.  Gives a very straightforward suggestive pic of the main character of the set, and kind of introduces her, as a character, from the perspective of the maternal figure of the boy who's fucking her.  But instead of nameless boy and his equally nameless mistress, we get Aster and Jenni, although you don't really know it's Jenni at first.  Honestly, I think it's kind of difficult to tell that it's actually her speaking, since there's no real indication that it's her.  Since this is kinda for the magazine, you can kinda say that it would be explained in the intro page, but... I haven't actually written the intro page. 
At some point, I might organize these generic specials into specific magazines, so that I can have like a full year of Bounty of Liliths.  As far as I can tell, I've got like JAN, APR, and NOV free, since JUL is already taken by the bathtime one.  I honestly kind of like that BoL has 8 months of generally standardized seasonal content, it kind of reflects their connection to the earth and the cosmos.  They have like, perennial sex practices. That's neat.  But anyway, I'm getting way off track. 
So here, Jenni talks about the 'Mommy Mindset', which is a milder form of the Mommy Bubble, where a boy kind of gets used to having sex in a very specific way, and with a very specific 'type'.  He's not exclusive to his mother, but he's more or less only fucking women who are exactly like her.  It's a mildly interesting concept, although there isn't really too much to say about it. 

Page two starts to get into the story a bit more.  The picture shows Aster as well as Miki, and the text switches to Miki's point of view.  The text largely follows the picture here, although I do hint at some of the consent stuff that's going to come in a lot more later.  I manage to get some decent sexual narrative going, although it isn't anything crazy.  This is mostly an intro to their relationship.

The third page features a really great picture, that I kind of wish I'd been able to write for in a more narrative way.  I love scenes like that, especially with the busty plump sistaz.  The text really focuses on her method of sex-ed, and acolyte management, which is very topically relevant, although I wonder how sexy this page actually ends up being, in the end.  Oh well.  It's a lot of story, at any rate.  I just wish I'd been able to give it a bit more sexual narrative, since the pic is so much fun.  Damn.  Just noticed a typo.  Whatever, it'll be fixed in the omnibus.

The final page is the only one that shows Miki actually giving Aster what is, canonically, his favorite sex act.  Fingers (and strapons) up his ass.  Strange how I made him a total bottom bitch, huh?  I never really thought about what a mindjob it would be to go from our society, where a female leader has to be damn near asexual, but still hot, to a society where the leader is literally making porn on a daily basis, selling her underthings to fans, and hiring other women to fingerfuck her kids. 
Anyway, this page's text explains the Mommy Mindset in more detail.  Oh by the way, that entire term and concept didn't exist until I was writing this page.  I went back later and retconned it into the first page.  The sexual narrative kinda takes center stage here, and it's relatively put together.  Maaaybe it would have been better to have a little outro by Jenni, and maaaaybe I'll go back later and do one, but then, maybe not.  We'll see.  I probably will.


So that's this week.  I'll be updating the omnibus today, I know I've been hit or miss with that.  It's cause I'm still kinda on winter break, while my building gets renovated.  Anyway, this week we'll be doing mostly Sailor Sluts again, with Lilian Slave Pricing in the middle, as usual.  I'm thinking Ami and Usagi's interviews.  

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