Sunday, January 17, 2016

Aster Sex-Ed

This is just a little vignette that consists of Aster's Sex-Ed discussion.  It introduces the idea of the Mommy Mindset, which probably won't be expaded upon too much beyond this.



Yeah, this time I really couldn't think of any good rhymes.


 03 - I've talked a lot about the Mommy Bubble, and how to avoid it.  It's something that I feel very strongly on, because I have a son, and I want him to grow up healthy and happy.  To that end, when it came time for my little one's sexual education, I only wanted the best!  Now I know what you're thinking.  Shouldn't a mother train her son personally?  Well of course, and I did train him personally, but just like a commander should surround herself with lieutenants of differing personalities and viewpoints, a boy should be instructed, sexually, by women who vary in body type, and sexual preference.  I'm quite a dominant lover, but not all of our sisters are like that, and some express their dominance in different ways.  I'm also a little on the slimmer side, while many of our women are more full-figured.  I wanted little Aster to have sexperience with all types of ladies, and so, when I was looking for a personal Sex-Ed teacher, I searched for someone who would provide a contrast to my own teachings, but compliment them, as well.  Miki here fit the bill perfectly.  She's a priestess from Tokyo Metro, and her acolytes were well known for their skills as both submissives, *and* soft dominants!  Aster never had a problem subbing for me, but I did want to make sure that when a sister came to him looking to be a little more passive, he wasn't caught off guard.

07 - When Jenni asked me to tutor her son in Sex-Ed, I was really quite surprised.  My field of focus has largely been training and maintaining Rental Submissives, and, well, most of my subs actually end up domming, more than they sub...  But hey, a job's a job, and I'd heard nothing but good things about Jenni and Aster, so I decided to give it a shot.  When I got to Eugene, I was surprised by how very timid Aster actually was!  When I got him on the bed, I expected him to react like a lot of the boys in Tokyo, stripping me like a birthday present, and diving right in.  But things are different in Eugene, and it quickly became obvious that I'd be the one taking the lead.  Well, I'd seen enough Stockholm gangbang videos to know how this process works.  I quickly opened up my bathrobe for him, giving him a nice view of my body, while I leaned in, and gently stroked his thighs, before kissing my way from his supple neck, to his plump earlobes, nibbling gently, before granting the permissive statement that he was obviously waiting for.

05 - You know, I don't *hate* the Swedish consent model.  It keeps people from being hurt, and encourages more communication in the bedroom.  But sweet mother, is there anything *less* sexy than a boy treating you like you're made out of glass?  Aster wasn't quite as bad about this as some of the other boys, but I could tell that it would become a problem later, if it wasn't dealt with.  I've actually worked through this issue with some of the touring Acolytes from Sweden.  They'd come to Tokyo, and the sisters, who aren't always the most *overtly* dominant, would be uncomfortable asking the boys for what they wanted.  You'd end up with a frustratingly long dance of euphemisms and innuendos, which, when you're talking about a 45 minute session, leaves the sister feeling cheated, and the boy feeling guilty.  My solution started when the boys were still in Sweden, getting them used to dirty talk, with phone sex, and teaching them, over time, to frame their consent requests as a part of the dirty talk, rather than the incredibly jarring, and almost badgering method, that's taught in Swedish Temple Sex-Ed.  I tried this with Aster, calling him up before bedtime, on nights that his mother was out of town, and having him tell me a story.  I wouldn't let him be the sub in these stories, and I my only feedback would be sighs, gasps, and moans.  In only a couple weeks, he'd learned how to get me from sitting beside him at his desk, to bent over it, taking it up the ass, like a bitch in heat!

09 - As much as I enjoy getting Aster, and all boys really, to take the lead a little bit, most of these kids are subs, and most of them do prefer to be on the receiving end.  Well, there's nothing wrong with that, but there is a problem with a boy expecting his mistress, or client, to magically know what he wants, without him ever saying anything.  Many of our boys have this issue, getting stuck in the 'mommy mindset', where all of his fetishes and desires have been well-known, for years.  Jenni knows he loves it up his ass, but does anyone else?  Well, I knew, but I decided not to explore that area with him, until he actually bothered to *inform* me of his desire.  It actually took longer than I'd thought, and we were quickly approaching some of the prostate massage elements of my syllabus.  One night, I decided to force the issue.  I laid us down for a nice 69, but after drenching his little face, I scooted him right on down, and nestled his cock between my soft tits.  I started playing with his thighs and ass, but refused to give him what he *really* wanted, until he requested it, properly.  Well, after a few minutes of torture, he finally started begging like a puppy, and to reward him, I went all out, tonguing his tight hole, while he fucked my big tits.  He was shooting off in no time!

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