Friday, January 8, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 3 Retrospective

Lilian Slave Pricing, unlike many of my other pamphlets, is actually relatively easy to write, but really difficult to prewrite.  They most tend to follow the same general pattern, but figuring out which direction to take the picture in, is pretty difficult.  Anyway, this one, while probably boring to read, was relatively simple to write.  Once I figured out what I was going to write.


The picture was pretty straightforward, since it was the only one where the boy actually plays with the other kids.  Maybe.  I could have replaced the bit in the bottom right with something else, but let's just say it's her being stoned as shit, and he's getting into the Lilian spirit, and making her a snack. 
The text for this page covers the secrecy test, and honestly, there's a reason it's so early in the process.  I mean, this is the first real test that they're doing, and it's definitely the most important.  I imagine that if the boy couldn't keep the secret, they'd keep doing testing, since they'd already spent all that time and money finding him, and getting him out to the island.  Sunk costs, and all that.  Plus, since he's young, he can realistically be retrained.  They just have to know to retrain him.  I think it's interesting that they're using kids here, and actually giving them quite a bit of responsibility, as well.  I mean, they're not just fucktoys in this, they've got a real job to do.  It's an interesting little change.  Expanding the acolytes beyond being simple prostitutes is something that I'm kind of interested in.  If the lolidom commandos can lolidom commando, why can't we have secret agent shotas?

The second page picture was even more straightforward, but I do really like it.  I'm so glad I was able to find some way to use these pics.  They really are good.  They look so happy here.  It's a nice pic.  If you look reeal close, you can see that the boy is copping a feel, which is fun. 
I feel like the idealized world of the pictures is offset, in a way, by the text.  Like, they're in this beautiful landscape, and it looks like they're having fun, but it's all a facade, which is kind of sad.  It's really sad, actually.  Sinister too, when you consider that the woman is part of a human trafficking operation.  But anyway, I almost wish I'd been able to write a little bit about how the boy might be feeling the woman up, buuut... eh, didn't happen.  And I'm not going back.  Not much to say about this page, really.  It's pretty straightforward, almost filler-esque, but I feel like this pamphlet, in the end, will sort of come together, and form a decent little scene/story.  Non-sexual, but still something, right? 


So technically it's friday, but I wrote this yesterday, so I'm not sure whether I'll do a release for today, or not.  We'll see how I end up feeling.  If I do end up releasing, it'll probably be a Sailor Sluts video ad, so it should be pretty straightforward and easy to write.  

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