Friday, January 8, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 3

This is the 3rd installment of the Lilian Slave Pricing pamphlet.  It covers a secrecy and fear response testing. 


Chillin with the niggas
Speedin with some vigor


05boyfun - The first real challenge that these boys will need to face, is the 'secret' test.  Is he capable of keeping quiet about things?  A Lilian boy who can't keep a secret is of little use to our organization, and is, in fact, quite the liability.  Obviously, you shouldn't be letting anything *too* juicy slip out, but at some point, *very early* in your testing, you should give him a secret to keep.  Maybe you smoke some spirit herb around or with him, and make sure he *knows* that this act should be kept secret from everyone.  Then, sometime later, preferably the next day, you should send him out to explore and play, by himself.  Don't worry about his safety, any time these ridiculously valuable boys wander alone, they *are* shadowed by a trusted Monk or Nun.  When sent to wander, he'll eventually be approached by a group of (supposedly) local children, who are trained to test him in a number of ways.  First and foremost, they'll challenge his ability to keep the secret, using a number of different techniques, to make him spill the beans.  If he talks, it's not necessarily over for him, but it will affect his pricing, and if he is purchased, he'll most likely be sent to a secondary education center, before being released to his mistress.  The secondary duty of these children is to determine how gregarious and outgoing he is.  If he's social enough, he might be considered for recruitment duties, later on.  The signed and stamped affidavit by the child testers should be included in the boy's overall package. 

06dolphins - One of the reasons that we tend to pull from lower income areas, in this type of recruitment, is because the boys from those districts tend to exhibit less of a fear response, than others.  We're not sure whether this is due to genetic, or cultural factors, and it's probably a mix of the two.  At any rate, we need to know how these boys deal with semi-controlled, but still dangerous, situations.  Jet-Ski is often the easiest (and safest) way to actually determine this, since there is a real sense of speed, and danger, while riding these watercraft.  There are a few different 'tracks' around Karileti, with varying levels of danger, and excitement.  It's much easier, for example, to feel safe in the open water, than when you're zipping up a small tributary, and it's *obvious* how fast you're moving.  What you're looking for here, is twofold.  Fear, and excitement.  The fear reactions that you should be looking for include him burying his face in your back, or telling you to slow down or stop.  Obviously, if he starts crying, or wets himself, that would be another sign, although those types of displays are quite rare.  What is much more common, are shows of excitement.  Laughter, war whoops, sometimes even erections, are all signs of an adrenaline dump, and for our purposes, this is what we would prefer to see. 

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