Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 4 Retrospective

7 years, man.  I remember I was in the military when that song came out.  One of my buddies parodied it, except he sucked at doing parodies.  Is T-Pain even around anymore? 


The first page picture is pretty deece, for what it is.  It's interesting that the mom's kinda checking out her son's ass while he does the Leo, but there's actually not that much going on in this picture, really.  I mean, they're on a boat, and that's functional, but there's not actually much going on. 
The text is kind of a setup, although it gives a little bit of backstory for the Nun, kind of explaining that she's actually really well trained, and is probably someone with a really impressive career within the Daughters.  It's kind of interesting that they're testing the boys for professionalism.  You kind of get the impression that they're really not screwing around with these boys.  They want them for a very specific purpose, and they want to know what they're getting. 

The second page picture is a lot more fun, and I like that the mom is kinda acting like a mom here.  The boy's acting like a boy, too.  It's just kinda odd, considering the rest of the pictures, you know?  But nice. 
The text continues to expand on how the nun is really well trained, and how the boy is kind of being tested for some pretty specific critical thinking skills, rather than anything sexual.  It's kind of interesting, on one level, these boys are kind of being purchased like cattle, and used as workhorses.  But on the other end, they're being farmed out to wealthy, powerful, women, and they're essentially being groomed for a type of Yamato Nadeshiko work, that the regular boys just aren't going to end up in.  So they might miss out on all the hot sex, or at least, some of it, but they're essentially being thrust into a type of aristocracy, and I think the dichotomy there is really interesting, and it's something that I fully intend to play with, at some point, someday. 


So, wednesday.   Well it's thursday right now for me, but if you're in the US or UK, it's still wednesday.  But who cares about that?  For friday, I'll be doing either Usagi or Ami's interview, and next week, I'll probably be doing the same pattern.  I think it's probably better to take Lilian Slave Pricing slower, since it's kinda dull. 

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