Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lilian Slave Pricing 4

This is the 4th block of Lilian Slave Pricing, which covers a little diving trip. 


Reference to an old song
From when I was real young

Man, can you believe that "I'm on a boat" song is like 7 years old?


07boating - One of the most dangerous individual days of your appraisal process for each boy, is the 'shallow-water-diving' day.  There is so much that can go wrong here, and things can fall apart quickly, and be very difficult to salvage.  We haven't had any real issues with this yet, but that's because we take 10,000 precautions.  Your morning will start early, with a breathalyzer and a field sobriety test.  After you're determined to be nice and sober, we'll sign the equipment over to you.  Bring your Commercial Marine and Diving Licenses, we'll need copies of them both.  When the clerical issues are taken care of, you and the boy will be off.  The boating element of this testing is designed to work out how capable the boy is of following relatively complex orders, in the context of a semi-professional environment.  You'll be having him operate as your first mate, and we do suggest that you mention that term, at least once.  The boys love it, and it gets them in a more professional mood.  He'll be helping you perform system checks, monitoring the radio at set intervals, for weather, and assisting you in refueling the vessel.  Take note of how seriously he takes these duties, and how easily he's able to kick back and have a good time, when he isn't helping you. 

08kissyfish - The boating isn't really dangerous, all things considered.  Sure, he could fall off the side, or do something *really* stupid, but as long as you're doing your job, that won't happen.  And the boys generally aren't that dumb, or we wouldn't even be interested in them.  But diving is dangerous, and those little diving bubbles, while substantially safer than scuba-gear, are nowhere near idiot-proof.  Lines can get tangled, people can lose each other, commands can be misunderstood.  Things can just break.  There's a lot that can go wrong, which is why you spent those three months getting your licenses.  Follow your training, and make sure you keep this boy safe.  This test is designed to explore how well the boy thinks on his feet, and adapts to new environments.  He'll be learning a lot all at once, and he'll be expected to use it, immediately after learning it.  The big things to focus on are how well he adapts to the hand signals, restrained movement, and safety requirements.  Of secondary importance, is how curious and interested he is in the actual diving.  Does he want to explore, and investigate the wildlife?  How far away from the boat is he interested in going?  Is he a land lubber, or a little water sprite?  This knowledge will come in handy later, when his mistress is deciding where to focus his vocational training. 

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