Monday, January 11, 2016

Sailor Sluts Girlfriends 1 Ad

This is the advertisement for the first Sailor Sluts Girlfriends video.  It goes through the different scenes, and hypes them up.


Brain not working, can't think of any clever rhymes :(

Double Bitches on the wang
Make a Youma say, "Hotdang" 
But if they're the dommy type
That's not what Queen Beryl likes
She'd rather have them all be dykes

Thought of some :)


20_01 - There's nothing that a Sailor Slut loves more, than sharing an adorable little dumpling with a friend!  Sailor Sluts Girlfriends is about watching our heroines enjoying themselves, with each other, and the boys that they love.  Watch as Minako and Rei tease and please their wee ward, whispering sweet nothings into his ears, and stroking him slowly, giving him the pleasure of a lifetime!  If you love these two dominant goddesses, make sure to pick up Sailor Sluts Girlfriends : Minako and Rei

21_02 - In our first scene, the girls are in top form, with Rei gently weaving a lascivious tale to this little one, a disguised Youma, playing at his mind, while Mina takes his sexy little body!  Her coy flashing, and gentle caresses bring him *right* up to the edge, but the girls make sure to prolong his pleasure!  Can you hold off too?

24_04 - In the second scene, Mina and Rei get *physical*!  The gentle domination continues, as they keep him in a mellow bondage, and take turns whispering their lewd and lovely fantasies to him!  There's no idle hands, though, as our girls have the massage to back up their sweet talk.  Our young youma can't deny that he *never* had this much fun in the Dark Kingdom!

26_05A - Blissful kisses mark the third scene, as our girls take their loving to the next level, nibbling their baby's earlobes, and planting soft kisses and *hard* love nips on his supple neck!  Rei turns up the heat, letting go of her boy's hand, to focus on his stiff nipples, and smooth sack.  The dual ministrations of the Sailor Sluts prove too much for him, and he cries out for mommy Beryl, while the tantalizing troopers pump him dry!

37_14A - With the youthful youma converted, all that remains for our girls, is to have some fun!  They work together, to show their new lover the joys, and *pleasures* that await him on the in the Moon Kingdom.  Filmed from the boy's POV, and featuring two of the most attractive and dominant Sailor Sluts, showing their *gentle* side, this is a scene you won't want to miss!

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