Monday, January 11, 2016

Sailor Sluts Girlfriends 1 Ad Retrospective

So, monday and all that.  These were slightly more difficult to do than I'd initially expected them to be, but not too bad.  Hopefully they came out well. 


The first page picture was chosen because it was easy to overlay the title onto it.  There's just that blank space, and it didn't make any sense to not use it.  I decided to have this page be kind of like the intro and outro, since there was space for the tags and pricing.  I also like that I was able to put the little 'surround sound' thing in there.  Kinda makes it feel more real.
The text is pretty much just an intro, although I don't say anything about the (barely there) storyline of this movie.  Actually, the story was a really late addition.  Maybe I should have centered the text, but I feel like that makes it more difficult to read. 

The second page picture is a really nice one, although it's not particularly pornographic.  It looks very dominant, and actually, part of the reason I made Mars and Venus so dommy, was because they had a lot of FreeStyle pics and sets like this.  The other girls tend to have more oral scenes, and just general sex scenes, and while those are normally pretty dommy, I think it's a lot dommier for a woman to have a 'low impact' sexual performance, like a handjob, or a footjob, than something that actually puts her in the action more, like a blowjob, or fucking a boy.  Like, theoretically, a woman could just be idly stroking off a boy while she reads a novel.  But anyway...
The text here introduces the story, which, like I said, is barely there.  The kid's a youma, and they have to turn him away from the Dark Kingdom.  Very straightforward, if a little uninspired.  I like the little challenge at the end, though.  It feels like something that would go well in an advertisement. 

The third page picture almost looks like one of those erotic ASMR scenes, and honestly, that's reason 1 why I put the little surround sound thing on the first page.  Reason 2 was to balance out the pricing.  Either way, this is a neat pic.  I like that they're holding his hands here.  It's a form of bondage for sure, but it's a very sweet form of it.  They look like they're blowing into his ears more than whispering, but hey, wutevs. 
The text here is mostly just describing what's going on in the picture itself, which I usually try not to do, but oh well.  There's at least lip service paid to the storyline.  The big thing is that I'm able to frame the hand-holding as a form of light bondage. 

The fourth page picture is another nice one, although I kind of wish we got a little more Rei.  Some heart shaped pupils would be nice too, but, you know. 
The text here, again, just continues the story.  The phrase, 'blissful kisses' is a good one.  I kind of wish I'd been able to rhyme love nips with something kiss related, so I wouldn't be using the word 'kisses' so much.  Maybe something using the word 'lips'.  Anyway, we get another reminder that the boy's from the Dark Kingdom here, which is decent.  That whole thing really was a super late addition.  Like, I think I added that concept when I was writing this page.  It was originally just him crying out for his mother, and then I changed it to mommy Beryl, and then I had to change the rest of the pages. 

The last page is kind of a throwaway.  There were originally some really great pictures of Rei and Mina fighting over the boy's cock, but those are really samey, so I can only have one, and I'd rather have the one with both of them in full view.  Although maybe I should have picked the one where Mina is taking the lead, since we're seeing less of her, overall.  But she's kind of pushing Rei out of the way, to get to his cock, so...
The text here more or less makes it clear that this scene is kind of a bonus, for the boys who really like these two particular actresses, and their characters.  Not much to say about it, aside from the fact that it really isn't much of an outro. 


So wednesday will probably be Lilian Slave Pricing, and friday will probably be either the Ami or Usagi interview.  We'll see.  Also, I've got a special little CD cover planned for when the Oregon standoff ends.  Hopefully it'll be soon.  

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