Friday, January 29, 2016

Sailor Sluts Girlfriends Ad 2

This is the second Sailor Sluts Girlfriends ad.  It features Usagi and Ami fucking dual Shingos.


Jizz on the Visage 
Tongue in the Booty 
Boys on the Grimace 
Bungs tasting Fruity
The Youma Weeps at Midnight 


 27_11 - What could be better than a pair of Sailor Sluts ganging up on a helpless little cutie, giving him *too much* pleasure?  That same pair evening the odds, with *two* sexy babies!  Sailor Sluts Girlfriends is about watching our heroines enjoying themselves, with each other, and the boys that they love.  Watch as Ami and Usagi toy with the boys, licking, sucking, stroking, and poking, showing them who's boss, in the most *pleasing* of ways!  If you love these sexy sluts, make sure to pick up Sailor Sluts Girlfriends : Ami and Usagi

33_15 - In the first scene, our girls are faced with a bit of a conundrum.  They've got *two* Shingos!  One of them is a youma in disguise, but only some *deep* testing will clear up who's who.  The Sailor Sluts waste no time getting to the *bottom* of it, flipping the boys on their heads, to devour their sweet little booties!  As pert noses tickle tender taints and tight totes, gloved fingers feverishly fondle dual dicks!  How will the delectable double cope with this powerful pleasure?

32_14 - In the second scene, Ami and Usagi back off, and use their talented tongues more *traditionally*.  Enjoy peeking down their ample cleavage, as they quiz the boys on sexy trivia that only the *real* Shingo would know!  This scene features short flashbacks to other Sailor Sluts films, so feel free to take a walk down memory lane, with Shingo(s) and the Sailor Sluts.

31_09A - By our third scene, the girls *almost* have a handle on which is which, but there's one last test that has to be done, to really figure it out!  Everybody knows that youmas have super-sensitive nips, so our girls make sure to thoroughly test those tender tips!  It soon becomes clear which boy needs his oshioki!

29_08 - When the Sluts discover a youma, they don't let up!  Guided by the clever and experienced Ami, our girls take turns smothering this little one between their super sized thighs, allowing the deliciously scented atmosphere to rid this youma of his riotous instincts.  Don't try *this* at home!

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