Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sailor Sluts Girlfriends Ad 2 Retrospective

Yay, I'm finally getting around to doing this.  Let's see, where to start.  At the beginning, duh.  These were relatively easy and fun to write, which is always nice.  Hopefully you guys like them too.


The first page takes basically the same format as the other Sailor Sluts Girlfriends ad, but uses a different picture, and a different color scheme.  It also shows the girls' jizz covered faces, as opposed to their white panties and held hands.  There was a picture that I could have used, of their panties, but it wasn't really clear who the panties belonged to, and also, I can possibly use the panties picture for a used panties ad later on.
The text for this page, again, follows the same structure of the other ad, but changes around the wording, to reflect the scenes here.

The second page picture is kind of funny.  They're really digging in!  I considered using one where you could see their faces, but I think a nice action shot works better.  You can still tell who they are, so it's fine.
The text relies on alliteration too much, but whatever.  I had fun writing it.  The storyline is more or less explained on this page.  It won't be winning any awards, but it works for the pictures, and it's kinda Sailor-Moony, so hey, it's fine.

Have you noticed that the girls aren't getting naked at all?  Kinda weird, huh?  I don't think they did in the other SSG movie, either.  The third page picture gives a decent view of the girls' cleavage, which is different at least.  I like that the boys are kinda crying to each other, that's cute.
The text here features more alliteration, and draws some attention to the cleavage.  This would be kind of an interesting scene, sort of like a clips show, in a sitcom, but for porn.

The fourth page picture is a fun one.  We see a bit more of the girls in this picture, although they've both still got all of their clothes on.  It's cool that Ami's doing double duty here, and it's kind of interesting seeing boy-on-top facesitting, that's still femdom.  Pretty freaknasty.
The text is pretty uninspired, although I did manage to get the term 'oshioki' in there.  It's functional enough, I guess.

The last page pic continues to not show us anything, although the legs/boots are featured, so I guess if that's your thing, it's a good pic for you.  They also look like they're having fun, and Ami looks like she's kind of running the whole thing, which is canonically what's supposed to be happening in this movie.
The text wraps things up, and it does a decent enough job, I guess.  I kinda didn't put so much effort into this set, which kinda sucks.  I'm honestly a little tired of Sailor Sluts.  I feel like I've kinda told enough of this story.  I might put it on the back burner for a little while.  


So I'm thinking that the next release will be either more Lilian Slave Pricing, or, more likely, a new pamphlet about making Lilian porn.  I'm putting a lot of thought into the prewriting for it, so hopefully it comes out well.  

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