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Sailor Sluts Mercury Interview

This is the interview for Sailor Mercury's actress.  There's also the outro for Aster Sex Ed.


The perks of being Merc
Can often be quite varied
You'll justify your crazy work


As helping kids stay married


I:Sofia Torres, your depiction of Ami has been one of the most contentious in the series.  Why is that?
S:You know, a lot of people don't really think about the difficulty of taking a children's story character, and sexualizing it.  There are two approaches that I can see.  You either take their archetypal elements, and reference them verbally during sex, or you take those elements, and extrapolate them into specific sex acts.  A lot of the 'parody' type porn that we make takes the first approach, since it's easy, and it doesn't piss anyone off. 
I:I assume the Sailor Sluts team took that second approach? 
S:We did, and it really shows the most in Ami's character, since she has such a range of emotions throughout the series.  She's very shy and timid at first, but grows much more confident over time.  She's also ridiculously intelligent, and quite romantic, when you get past her guarded nature. 
I:A very complex character! 
S:Oh yeah.  So I toyed with a lot of different ideas about where I wanted to go with Ami, before kind of settling on this idea that she's super smart, so she's reading about all of these different D&S type things, and she wants to try them all! 
I:An interesting take on Ami.  Fans have called her the 'Sluttiest Sailor'.  Care to comment?
S:I also wanted her to be really, *really* sexual.  Those long study nights can get lonely, after all!

AMI22_09B -
I:One of the reasons why people have such a problem with Ami's character, is her submissive side.
S:We knew going in that there would be certain people who couldn't handle a character that isn't 100% dominant or 100% submissive.  Most of our porn features women who are 100% dominant.  But that's not how real women are, and I think our girls are getting the wrong idea, when they turn on the TV, and see nothing but facesitting and riding crops.  You don't have to be 'on' all the time.  I honestly find it incredibly ironic that we're being harangued by a group of people who can't even keep their apprentices from kidnapping *police officers* for sex.  We joke about 'Swedish Apprentice does X', but it's really not that funny.  These outbursts reveal a serious disconnect in these girls' heads.
I:So you made Ami a switch to counter the 'always on' dommes of most of Lilian porn?
S:Well, I made her a switch because I thought she'd be one, as a character.  The high minded stuff was a part of it, but I really do think that most women, and boys, have a subby side and a dommy side.  You don't have to pick one and be that all the time, you'll just get burnt out.  I think Ami would realize that, and embrace both elements of her sexuality. 

AMIno_dial_35 -
I:Many have criticized Ami's dominance, saying that it's 'too extreme', or possibly even dangerous.
S:Can't catch a break, huh?  I decided early on that Ami was going to represent the extremes of D&S, so I decided to push things as far as they could go, on that front.  Obviously, there are limits, and I think we probably hit those limits in Sextreme, although I think we did worse stuff before.  The reason why I wanted Ami to have that intense sexuality, was because she's so very intelligent, and with that intelligence, comes a desire to push the envelope, and try new things.  She's also smart enough to handle those more extreme sexual acts, in a way that is safe and fun for all involved.
I:How do you think Ami's domination is different from the other Sailor Sluts?
S:I think it's a bit more primal, which at first seems really off, I mean, why would Ami be primal?  But when you look at how her character evolved over time, you can see how she really came into her own.  She got a lot more confident, and when we pair that with her intelligence, we get a woman who knows what she wants, knows what her partner wants, and isn't afraid to let loose and have a great time.  She's also more willing to get her aggression out in the bedroom, with these willing partners, than on the street, where people can really get hurt. 
I:Even if it means aggressive violence?
S:She's aggressive, but she's not crazy.  She's not going around beating up random guys, she's taking her urges, her pressure to perform, all of her different anxieties, and letting them out in a cathartic release.  Sometimes the release comes through subbing, sometimes through domming, but it's always safe, and it's always fun.  

outro - Most mothers understand how important it is to avoid the Mommy Bubble.  But why should we combat the Mommy Mindset?  Well, a boy in the Mommy Mindset will have trouble pleasing any woman who isn't a carbon copy of his mother.  In looks, or personality, or sexual desire, if one or more of these things is off, he'll just freeze up.  That's bad, for a slave.  But there's a funner reason, too.  Sex!  Staying out of the Bubble doesn't mean a mother can't fuck her son, and when you get your baby out of the Mommy Mindset, and give him some variety in his partners, he'll learn a ton, and he'll bring that knowledge back home.  After a couple weeks with Miki, I noticed that Aster was much more willing to pound me from behind, take the lead in our sexual play, and approach me when he wanted it, instead of skittering off to go please himself in private.  He developed more of a taste for my ass, as well, which led to some really fun nights in, going through our toybox together. 

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