Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sailor Sluts Mercury Interview Retrospective

Probably Tuesday and Thursday this week, but we'll see.  This one was about as difficult to do as all of the Sailor Sluts interviews.  It's far, far, simpler to just tell a sex story.  But, I decided that I was going to do these, so now I have to do them.  Sunk costs and all that.  There's only 2 left, by the way.  Usagi's and Makoto's second one, which will probably be about her body hair.  So enjoy that.


I really, really, really, like the first page picture.  There are actually like 2 or 3 good pictures along these lines in the set that I pulled from, but I decided on this one, because I love her pose, and I love the way her head is cocked, and her eyes are all wide, and that coy little grin...  Not to mention the way her pubic hair is poking out the top of her bikini.   It's a good picture.  The littler pics are added in, simply to fill some white space.  
The text here largely introduces Sofia, who's been mentioned before.  She's supposed to be kind of the serious one, which actually kinda mirrors Ami's character, which I just realized like 30 seconds ago.  Anyway, she's the serious one, and she talks a lot about the nature of pornography, and how it can shape people's sexuality.  She wanted to do good things with her character, and have the character be a type of role model to the girls.  This is probably because, of all the Sailor Scouts, Ami would probably be the one that parents would push as a role model for their daughters.  I mentioned that somewhat in the Anti-Sextreme posters, so it's neat to kind of see it from the other side.  

The second page picture was tough to find.  I was originally going to use one of the Ami facefucking pics, but I've kinda used all of them, and some of them are a little grotesque, at least for me, so I decided to use this one.  I think it's a decent enough choice, and it's one that I wouldn't have been able to use otherwise.  I like the glasses.  They do add a lot.  
The text here has a lot of story for the Swedish Lilians, which yes, I do realize that I'm kind of focusing a lot on them lately, next I'll be focusing on the Japanese Lilians.  This page honestly doesn't really say too much, but eh, whatever.  It focuses on the submissive side of Ami's character, and why it's okay to sub sometimes. I don't really go too much into it, which is what it is, but oh well.  Not rewriting it.

The third page picture was one that I really wanted to put in these, because it's one that I really like.  I kind of had to hold myself back from using it on those posters, since it would have been perfect for the 'is this what good sex looks like' one.  Anyway, yeah.  I like her facial expression here.  The kid looks pretty laid out, but I guess he would be.  It's easy to see, though, how some people might think this would be going too far.  
The text focuses on the dominant side of Ami's character, and why it totally makes sense, in the context of Ami's character.  I had a bit more space to explain things here, so this page kind of takes some of the duty from the last page.  It's okay.


The outro pic for Aster Sex Ed is just a pic of Jenni Vertanen's big, juicy, ass.  Tetrodotoxin actually doesn't have too many pics of just Iori Rinko, most of them are with one boy or another.  This one was convenient though, for a couple of reasons.  One, it's just her, and it's showing her from the back, which is kinda relevant to Aster's training.  Two, we don't see her big belly, which is good, because it's canonized in this block, that she's kinda slim.  Slim but with a big ass apparently.  
The text here is standard outro material, it reiterates what the Mommy Mindset is, and why it's bad, before giving a wrapup to the story, by Jenni, who started the story in the first place.  The set did need this wrapup, and I'm glad I did one.  I got a little bit of (somewhat vague) sexual narrative in here, which is nice.  The big boon, though, is that the whole thing doesn't end so abruptly.  We get some decent closure to this story. 


 So, next up, on either wednesday or thursday, is probably the Usagi interview, although I might just do the Jizz for Jupiter 2 ad.  We'll see.  On friday or saturday, I'll probably do more Lilian Slave Pricing, and if the whole Oregon standoff isn't resolved by the end of this week, I'll just go ahead and release the Kinky Cowgirl - Bone on the Range CD cover.  I was planning on doing it to 'celebrate' their surrender/capture/death/whatever, but it's looking like that's going to take a while.  So yeah, expect some old-ass country music to be unnecessarily sexualized.   You wouldn't image, by the way, how difficult it actually is to find a decent picture of a cowgirl fucking a shota.  

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