Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sailor Sluts Usagi Interview Retrospective

This one kinda took longer to do than I thought it would, but oh well.  Someday the schedule will return ;-;


The first page picture is one that I like, although I really wish there'd been some way that I could have used the Usagi pics from the beginning of the Sailor Browns set, but alas, they're like, 2 pics (possibly 4) and it would've fucked up the flow.  Anyway, this one's a decent enough picture.
The text here is kind of derivative, and a little uninspired, because quite frankly, I'm running out of ideas for Sailor Sluts interview questions.  This is more a testament to my own ineptitude, however, since I'm the one who's making up the questions, and the answers.  I can make up whatever I want.  But anyway, this page text is more about setting up Laura as a character.

The second page picture is one that I actually went and found, because I realized that I didn't originally have any pics of Usagi fucking.  Just footjobbing and sucking dick.  Which is fun, but not really what I need for this.  So here's her fucking, and I think it's an okay picture.  You can tell it's her at least, and it's pretty vanilla.
The text discusses her character, and why it is the way it is.  Kinda boring, but hey, sometimes the stories are boring.  Anyway, we move on to give a bit of foreshadowing for Sailor Sluts Girlfriends, and her character there.  We also get a bit of story on what Sailor Sluts Girlfriends is supposed to represent, in the grand scheme of the series, overall.  Which is fun.

The third page picture is one that I think really goes well with Usagi's carefree character, and I lie it a lot.  The outfit's cute, too.
The text here is a bit of backstory about Laura, which is just there because I really ran out of things to ask, and talk about.  It's laziness on my part, but hopefully it came out mildly interesting.  The rest of it is just fluff, honestly.  Conclusionary fluff.  A bit of reference/foreshadowing to Sextreme, though. 


So yeah, the schedule's been pretty shot, lately.  It is what it is, although it is kinda sucky, on my part.  I'm thinking that next week, I'll be taking a break from Sailor Sluts, to do a little bit of rando stuff.  I might do like a short set from the different pinknoise works, that talks about how to make Lilian porno, or I might do some grimoire pages.  We'll see.  

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