Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snegurochka and Tsarina Grimoire and CD Cover

These are a grimoire page and CD cover, and are largely a 'special' for Orthodox Christmas.  They're mostly just for fun.


Frozen's Elsa was a ripoff
Her hair and eyes were such a tipoff

Luscious Russian 


 sneg1 - The Snegurochka is a relatively new addition to our Officer Pool, but she is no less important, or deserving of respect, than any of our other officers.  Her summoning ritual is quite different from the others.  It's less about the specific boy's appearance, and more about the set and setting, of the ritual location itself.  To put it simply, your summoning partner must *see* snow, *with his eyes*, when the Snegurochka is being summoned.  Snegurochka's blessing is quite different from the other Officer's, as well.  While most ritual effects are focused on gaining the trust of adults, and the love of children, the Snegurochka's ritual effect seems to be more focused around physical survival.  While the skin does become softer to the touch, and warmer at the extremities, and while the body fat does shift to create a more 'squeezable' form, the biggest change is in the summoner's cold-tolerance.  Summoners will have no problems in dealing with arctic weather, even when ill-equipped for it.  Boys under her protection will generally become hardier, with good work ethics, and a tough demeanor, although they'll normally soften in private.  It's not uncommon to see one of Snegurochka's boys curled up around his mistress, with his head in her lap, feeling safe, warm, and happy.

sneg2 - A night with the Snegurochka is similar to a night with someone such as Nuit, or Rhea.  Very slow, and very relaxed.  Your summoning preparations should include a light brandy, tea, hot water, honey, and lemon.  Snegurochka likes to start her night in a lounging position, wrapped in a soft blanket, with a boy snuggled up in her lap.  She'll enjoy a glass of brandy with a cup of tea, sipping slowly, as she admires the soft snowfall, and gently strokes her boy's hair and face.  As she finishes her drinks, she'll lean down, and begin her seduction in earnest, kissing her boy deeply, before laying him down, and covering his body with hers, to envelop him in warmth and softness.  She'll encourage him to squeeze and stroke her plumpest spots, before sliding him deep inside her hot sex.  Boys are often surprised to find that Snegurochka actually doesn't move much during sex, despite insisting on a cowgirl position.  She will instead focus on having her boys grab and play with her tits, ass, and tummy, while she gently, slowly, grinds and undulates atop his lithe body.  Her love is intimate, close, and of course, *very* warm, but it isn't particularly intense, or challenging, from a BDSM standpoint.  After her pleasure, she'll return to the tea and brandy, often sharing some with her boy, as she holds him in her warm arms, and watches the snowfall with him. 

Wicked Witch - Sexual Tsarina

Oh Boys My Boys
Slavery and Satisfaction
Bound With the Red Scarf
Cisnaya (Sisterhood)
Sexual Tsarina
I'll Suck Your St Meatersburg
Wetter Than The Volga
Breast Hand and Head
What Cossacks Lack
I'll Take You To Head Square
Be My Hardisans
Opa Opa Lemme Soap Ya

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