Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snegurochka and Tsarina Grimoire and CD Cover Retrospective

Ah, the first release of the new year!  I decided to take a week off, just to kind of get away from the daughters a bit, and let my cells recharge.  I'm ready to get back to regular releases, though.  Maybe.  Anyway, just in time for Orthodox Christmas, we've got a release that largely centers around Russia.  I did this one just for fun, although it is still canonical.


The first page picture is actually one that I changed a bit.  I used the 'rotate colors' feature in GIMP to change this Yuuki Onna to a Snegurochka, because of course, Elsa from Frozen had no /ss/, and neither did Snegurochka.  I feel like it came out okay, though.  It's actually pretty difficult to find these "girl standing around/same girl fucking shota" pictures, by the way, so if you're wondering why they all seem to get made into grimoire pics, that's why.
The text doesn't really explain who Snegurochka is, because I felt like it would take too long, and honestly, there's a real question as to whether she should be in the grimoire at all, since she's not an actual goddess, and bla bla bla, but whatever, I just kind of dodged the issue, by not talking about it.  This page mostly focuses on her 'blessings' instead, which are kind of interesting, storyline-wise.  I would imagine that the Lilians would need little commando squads to do their dirty work, and being way up north like they are, those commandos would probably need to be able to lie in wait for a while, in the cold-ass Oregon snow.  So Snegurochka creates those commandos, and turns their boys into decent support for them.  Somewhat stereotyped, but oh well.

The second page picture could have used a bit more intimacy, but you know, we get what we get.  I'm kinda wondering now, if I should have made her robe blue, but that probably would have been too much work.
The text for this page is far more sexual, which is normal for grimoire pages.  I do have a pretty set 'style' for these.  I based Snegurochka's drinks on what gets sold (and drank) here during the winter months.  So more stereotypes :).   Not super difficult to write, aside from the obvious issues that come from me being out of practice.  I liked making her a bit more affectionate than the other goddesses, and focusing more on just hanging out with the boy, than on nonstop sex.  That may become a common theme with newer Lilian officers, or maybe not, not sure.  Anyway, I tried to do a more relaxed and gentle scene here, and I feel like I probably succeeded.  Kinda bookended the scene here, with her watching the snowfall.  It wasn't super intentional, but I like how it feels.  I think this was a success. :^]

This CD, Sexual Tsarina is a little OTT, and before you fuckers start, yes, I do realize that the front cover says, 'Shiskye Shitsn - Sedjhidl Tsyaiid'.  It was a stylistic choice, and it needed to be done.  I feel like it came out well enough.
The front cover is really what gave this CD its name.  I love the look of wealth that she's got here, in her little throne, with her panties halfway off.  It's ridiculously sexual, while strangely tame, in terms of actual skin shown. 
The back cover is cut off a bit, which really sucks, but you don't really miss much.  It's not like her muff is in full view or anything.  I think this artist really doesn't like censoring his works with mosaics, so he'll use clever staging, instead.  The little cross here could have been turned upside down, and I did it once, but in the end, I decided to just say fuck it and keep it right side up.  It's not really something that would be there, in reality, but whatever.  It's "ironic".  The track names are pretty fucking stupid, to be honest, and they're mostly pulled from Soviet culture, rather than Russian culture, but I think they're relatively fun.  The font's a bit hard to read, but again, stylistic choice, I think it's better than the alternatives that I had available.  I like that I was able to incorporate the Russian flag into it all.  Just in case you didn't get the message.  


So most likely, I'll be doing something on Friday, although I'm not sure what.  Probably Lilian Slave Pricing.  I've been neglecting that one, a bit.  At some point, too, I'll need to do a Yule magazine intro, because I never actually made one of those, either.  We'll see how well I get back into the groove. 

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