Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sailor Sluts Usagi Interview

This is the interview for Usagi, which makes it the (second to) last interview that I'll be doing for the Sailor Sluts catalog.  The final one will be another one from Layla (Leila?) to complement her second Jizz for Jupiter ad.


Slut on the spread
Bouncin on the bed
Giving lotsa head


I:Laura, you're the only Sailor Slut from North America, and by far, the least 'archetypal'.  Was this a design choice, or did it just kind of turn out that way on its own?
L:It was very much a design choice.  The other Sluts were always meant to represent very specific types of domination, from Mina's heavy domination, to Mako's lighter, mommydomme type of approach.  We decided that we'd kind of need one character to just be a normal, not particularly dominant, big sister type.  Since Usagi is the only one with a little brother, it just made sense to use her. 
I:Some have said that Usagi's character is a bit too giving, and sexualized, to be respectful.
L:You know, if somebody has a problem respecting a giving, sexual, woman, they've got a Jehovan mindset. 
I:Jehovan, huh?  That's some pretty strong language.
L:But it's something that needs to be said!  Usagi *loves* her little brother, and she should be free to express that love however she chooses.  We don't all have to be violent superdommes. 
I:Does that even extend to some of the more intense scenes depicted in Sextreme?
L:I think so, and here's why.  In Sextreme, the girls are getting it from a lot of different boys, in a lot of different ways.  But they're *asking for it*, even demanding it! 

USAGIno_dial_31 -
I:What do you think really separates Usagi's character from the other Sluts, particularly Makoto?
L:Probably how vanilla she is.  I mean, you could say that she loves sex, but then, Ami *loves sex*.  You could say that she's really sweet and giving, but like you said, Makoto's got that one.  Usagi's main thing is that she's playing kind of an average girl, who wants to fuck an average boy, in a very straightforward way.  She's okay with him taking the lead a little bit, but the craziest that gets is a chain-fuck in Sextreme.  She likes to dote on her boys, but it's kind of restricted to things like blowjobs, and kisses during sex.  Overall, Usagi's character is meant to appeal to the sort of boys who like femdom on a basic level, but aren't into the rough stuff. 
I:It doesn't bother you that the character is a bit generic?
L:No, because she really isn't generic, when you get right down to it.  She's just vanilla.  That's actually an archetype in itself, when it comes to a lot of Lilian porno! (laughter)
I:More astute viewers have noticed that Usagi's character does seem to have 'moments' where she goes off model, though.  What's up with that?
L:That's actually part of her character arc.  We decided, when we were filming the 'Girlfriends' series, to have the different Sailor Sluts kind of learn from one another, and adopt certain new traits.  So Mina hangs out with Rei, and learns to dirty talk a bit more, while I take a few pointers from Ami, and get a little freakier. 

USAGIno_dial_09 -
I:Your fans really love the way that you make each boy seem special.  Where'd you learn to do that?
L:Well, I started my Lilian career doing student teaching at a private elementary school, when I was 20.  My supervisor noticed that I was a little friendly with the boys, and turned me on to the Temple.  I never really looked back, and I've been having a great time ever since.  I like to treat every boy like it's his first time, because for a long time, that's just how it was!  My supervisor had me on 'grooming duty' for some of the cuter boys, and if I started treating the boys like they were disposable, well, it would become a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  So that's why!
I:So what's next for Laura Aston?
L:More films, probably!  We've got a couple of really low-key type movies, based around Shingo and Usagi's relationship.  One of them is largely just a standard brother/sister story, you know, quick blowjobs in the hallway, little brother hiding under the covers licking out onee-chan while mom tries to talk about some meeting, bathtime scenes...  You know, the standard stuff.  Beyond that, though, we're thinking of having another gangbang movie, where Shingo's friends come over to give Sailor Moon some fun, but we'll have to see how it plays in Sextreme, first.  

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