Monday, February 29, 2016

Dark Room Bro/Sis

This is a one-off, which features 3 very similar pictures, and tells a very straightforward story about a couple of siblings.


Big Sis on the scheme
Trying to get some of Little Bro's cream
Ain't it just like a dream?


darkroomluv1 - I remember when I first heard about Our Goddess.  A woman at my local hippie shop caught me flirting with one of the little flower kids, nothing serious, just a little tickling and hair ruffles, while I chatted him up about the crystals.  I *thought* I was being sly, but apparently not, since she saw right through my act.  When the boy and his little friends ran off to play, the woman came to me, and gave me a copy of the gospel.  It was a real page turner, and by the time the bus got to my stop, I was ready to convert!  But more importantly, I was ready to convert my *brother*.  I'll admit, I did go a little quick with him.  It started off innocently enough, a button left undone, or a little slip of my towel, after a shower.  But soon, our hugs got longer, my 'sororal' kisses started moving from his forehead to his neck, and of course, I started hugging him into my *chest*, rather than my shoulder.  But one night, when our parents were out for their 'monthly date', I decided to give him the love that only a sister can. 

darkroomluv2 - I was a little nervous when I walked into the room.  I'd hoped to walk in on him jerking off, but when I opened the door, he was just laying in his bed, sleeping like a little angel.  I closed the door, and sauntered over to his bed, admiring the way the pale moonlight came through a little gap in his curtains, falling just on his cute face, and making him look all elfish and delectable.  I was dripping in my panties, and I left them on the floor, before leaning down to kiss my little cutie's forehead, and caress his cheek.  He stirred a bit, but didn't awaken, until my hair stroking got down to the nape of his neck.  He looked a bit confused at first, but as his eyes drifted down, from my stiff nipples, to my glistening pussy, he began to understand.  I leaned down once more to kiss him deeply, my fingers stroking his hair and neck, before straddling his tummy, and hooking my thumbs in his pajama bottoms, to push them down, as I came back up, and surveyed my adorable little conquest. 

darkroomluv3 - I felt his stiffness before I ever saw it, bouncing up out of his PJ's, and slapping me in the ass, with a *very* satisfying 'thwack'.  I pulled him up, to give him one last 'innocent' forehead kiss, and nuzzling his little face into my ample breasts.  As I looked down on him, I couldn't help but smile at his little eyes, drinking me in from top to bottom, while his trembling lips laid agape, as if he wanted *so badly* to say *something*, but he couldn't figure out what.  Well, there was only one thing to say.  I reached back, to guide his quivering cock into me, and with a quick, but *very* heartfelt, "I love you, baby", I slid him deep inside.  His eyes got wide, as the warmth and pleasure of my slick, tight, quim, enveloped his sensitive, virgin, shaft.  As we gazed into each other's eyes, I watched his breaths get ragged, my hot cunt churning around him.  He tried to speak, tripping over his words, before I stopped him, drawing him in, for a deep kiss.  As our tongues danced in his warm mouth, I felt myself get even hotter and tighter, as I realized the wicked, beautiful, reality of our coupling.  As we broke the kiss, my sweet little baby gave me his first pleasure groan, and I held him to my heaving breast, as he pulsed and twitched inside me, spurting his hot seed into the deepest part of me.  Luckily for both of us, I'd stopped at the Temple a few days before, to pick up some birth control pills!

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