Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Family Gospel Retrospective

I was originally going to do a straightforward narrative about a woman who gets daily acolyte visits, but I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to frame the story, so I'll probably save it for next week.  So we get this, which wound up being much more complex of a story/guide.  I like the way it came out, though, even if I did probably go overboard with some of the writing. 


The first page picture is one that I kinda don't like so much.  It's grown on me, but that face that the mom's making...  Y'all know the smiler from transmetropolitan?  That's the vibe I get from some of PBX's women, especially in the earlier days.  Either that or some kind of maoist propaganda piece.  Well, considering that the Lilians are part maoist, I guess it's probably fine.  But still.  Creepy smiles.  The rest of the picture's fine, though.  I like that PBX shows pubic hair, since the Lilians, canonically, don't like to shave. 
The text here is, like always, mostly an intro.  Although here, it's pretty much all intro.  I drop some knowledge that the Nuns don't really have a uniform, which makes sense, from what we've seen of them so far.  This whole set actually gives a lot of storyline about the Nuns, and especially how they kind of zero in on specific boys (probably multiple boys) and kinda take them under their wing. 

The second page picture has way too many goddamn speech bubbles, and yes, I looked, there doesn't seem to be a version without speech bubbles.  Also, I'm pretty sure this whole thing was done on like wide rule.  I don't know anything about PBX, but their art practices are as different as their style.  But, you know, how many pictures do you get where the woman is reading to a boy, and he's jerking off?  I've been looking for a set like this for a while. 
The text here is like 10% setup, 80% Nun/Boy narrative, and then 10% outro blurb.  This is the general style that I use throughout this set, and I think it works reasonably well.  I'll probably do something similar for the next set like this. 
The narrative is pretty linear, although I do like that I was able to work in the implication that some light drug use isn't uncommon among the Nuns.  I feel like I did a reasonable enough job of describing what the Nun's doing, although I don't really say much about what the boy's doing, aside from groping her and jerking off.  But then, how much do you really need to describe a kid beating his meat?

The third page picture kind of builds on the last one, although the speech bubbles are still annoying.  Plus, the boy really kinda looks like Cesar Chaves in this pic.  Kinda.  Anyway, it's a decent enough picture, that works for what I wanted to do with the storyline. 
The text here starts out with a bit of a throwaway intro, although I do move on to the next part of the metastory about how the nuns actually teach the boys, and how that works.  It's more of an apprenticeship type of thing, than like an interchangeable babysitter/teacher thing.  Hopefully that doesn't contradict anything that I've already written.  Anyway, the narrative kind of doesn't make so much sense, since the Gospel of Lilith doesn't actually exist, but the general idea is that they'll read the gospel, and try to find the hidden sexual meanings of the more mundane elements.  This is a relatively standard theology exercise, which is usually designed to demonstrate the importance of interpretation, and how you can interpret anything in any way.

The last picture is kinda the best one, on the 'not obscured by fucking speech bubbles' front.  It's also perfect for this story.  The mom's pubic patch looks slightly off, but hey, who am I to judge?  If I could draw shit, I'd be making a zillion dollars on patreon right now, from the people who actually want to believe this stuff.   
The text, which I did not fuck around on, continues the meta-narrative of the nun and her future slave, and then moves onto some really crunchy new wave shit, about third eyes and spirit wombs, and shit like that.  I know this stuff looks like it's kinda coming out of left field, but I've sorta introduced these concepts before, in the grimoire, and elsewhere.  Just listen to more goa, fgt. 
Anyway, the narrative here is largely based around the boy's experience licking the nun's pussy, which is described in what I hope isn't too much detail, or bad detail.  I never know what you guys are going to like.  Dang, I should have said, "aromatic juices".  Maybe.  Nah, that sounds dumb.
Yeah, this last page is really crunchy, but I feel like it caps off the whole thing reasonably well, and it really does remind the reader that the Lilians are a religious organization, and that the Nuns are, yeah, Nuns.  They're not hookers.  Well, not all of them, at least. 


So friday will be the conclusion of Lilian PTSD, and then next week will be something else, probably the last SuperSoft set, along with the 'regular acolyte' one-off.

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