Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Family Gospel

This is just a little one-shot, using some of PBX's work.  I'll probably be doing more of these.  Some will be narrative, some will be guide, some might be a combo, or something else entirely.  But get used to these election poster faces, cause you're gonna be seeing them again. 


Hanging out with the nuns
Can be lots of fun
You can grab on their tits
And squeeze on a bun


 famstory14 - If you've ever been to a Regional Temple, you've probably noticed that the boys there are a little... different.  Acolyte or not, they're generally quite obedient, giving, and pious.  They're quite genuinely in love with Our Goddess, and they know her Gospel inside and out.  Well there's a reason for that.  If you've ever gone to a Regional Temple wearing a lot of violet, or triple-moon jewelry, you've probably been mistaken for an on-duty Nun.  If that's happened, you were probably approached by a *very* sweet young thing, who wanted you to read him some Gospel.  Well, if you're the more cynical type, you probably surmised that 'read to me please, sister', is code for 'I want to have sex with you'.  But that's not the full story.  Yes, Nuns do generally partake in dual worship with these boys, but the recitation component of this pleasure exchange is *very* important, and it's why the Temple and Coven boys are so much more pious than their contemporaries in the Cells and Circles.  Lilian Nuns really are quite well versed in Our Goddess' word, and their main job is to impart their knowledge onto any boy who seeks it.  Making the learning process *very pleasurable*, keeps the boys coming back for more knowledge!  With a little practice, you can do the same with your son, if you live far away from a Temple or Coven.

famstory07 - The simplest method that our Nuns use to get their boys reading the gospel, is also the most common.  Usually, when temple boys want to be read to, *this* is what they're asking for.  A simple solo worship session, but instead of skittering off to a booth in the library, for a couple minutes of Temple TV, they want to have a pretty young Nun whisper the sweet, *sexy*, words of Our Goddess into their ears.  Anyone who's read the gospel, knows that it's full of erotic content. Our Nuns will flip to any of the myriad of Our Goddess' stories, fantasies, or exhortations, and start reciting.  But they don't *just* read, oh no.  They'll give their boys a show, leaning in close to whisper and growl Our Goddess' erotic words to their intended recipients, entertaining them during the less 'spicy' parts, with fun and unique voices, and finally, when the stories *come* to their climax, she'll intersperse The Mother's steamy words, with her own beautiful soundtrack of pants, moans, and sighs.  All the while, she offers her supple body to the boy, so he can grope, peek, and caress at will.  Every Nun has her own special style, so there's no one way to teach this type of recitation, but it might be helpful to practice with a more conventional erotic novel, before trying with the words of Our Goddess.

famstory08 - When you've mastered the art of reciting Our Goddess' word, it's time to start practicing a deeper form of recitation worship.  This practice is normally undertaken when a Nun is interested in contracting, on any level, with a boy.  It's a *daily* devotion, for Priestesses and their Acolytes.  The fun starts with the Nun reciting a portion of the Gospel, normally an erotic element, but not always.  While she's reciting, her boy is allowed to touch and enjoy *her* body, but not his own.  When the recitation is complete, the Nun will close her gospel, and discuss the themes of the reading with the boy.  Ideally, the Nun will steer the discussion towards the erotic, and the two will begin to share ideas and fantasies with one another, building on what was only implied or alluded to, in the text.  When the two lovers find a fantasy that gets them both going, they'll take it to its natural conclusion together, using each other's bodies to fuel their lust, and inflame their imaginations.  This practice, which, by the way, is where most of our rituals come from, is good for getting boys more interested in the less *blatantly* erotic elements of Our Goddess' word.  At home, you can make use of certain guides and theological training manuals to practice guiding the discussions towards the sexual.

famstory10 - When you're confident in your ability to pick out Our Goddess' sometimes low-key eroticism, you can progress to the most intimate form of recitation worship.  Nuns will usually reserve this practice for those boys who have taken short-term (2-4 year) student/slave contracts with them.  One of the first things that Nuns learn, is the profound connection that boys have with their goddess, which far surpasses ours, in terms of spiritual depth.  Of course, Our Goddess actually *manifests* herself, within each of her Lilian Daughters, so both sides of this coin *are* needed.  The most obvious expression of Our Goddess' special connection to her boys, can be witnessed when a Nun properly recites the word of Our Goddess, while her beloved student worships at her dripping honeypot.  The Nun leans back to relax, spreading herself open for her little one.  As he laps at his goddess, every one of his senses is overwhelmed by feminine eroticism.  His tongue and nose are drenched with juices.  He is enveloped with the warmth and softness of squirming thighs.  He looks up, and is met with the gentle swaying of full breasts, and his ears take in only the pleasurable gasps and coos of a *very* satisfied woman.  Well, when you recite the beautifully poetic words of Our Goddess,  you awaken her within you, and create a connection, between your sacred womb, and your boy's spiritual eye, which are conveniently aligned.  As your shared lusts build, this synchroneity does as well, until the two of you are moving as one, and blissfully absorbing Our Goddess' very essence, into the deepest recesses of your shared mindspace.  The best practice for *this* level of worship, is simply to practice the other levels to mastery, before attempting this more intense ritual.  

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