Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lilian PTSD 1 Retrospective

Yeah, this is a crap name for the set, but whatever.  It's the name that I'm using.  This one's part of a set that I'll be completing over the course of next week.  It'll be 3 sets of 2 pics, with this being the first set.


The first page picture is decently good, it's kind of the intro to the overall storyline, and it does an okay job of it.  It presents a nice porno intro, to discuss the porno story.  I like it.
The text here, again, is basically just an intro.  I like the little bookends that I was able to do.  The page more or less tells the reader what's in store, introduces the characters, and explains the overall purpose of the set.  It's very tight, and I think I did a pretty good job writing it.

The second page picture isn't quite as explicit as the first, but it does kind of give the reader a sense of what the issue here would actually be.  That's a lot of girls, and not a lot of boy.  Their lack of eyes or facial features kind of adds to the aesthetic, as well, although I kinda wish the boy had been given eyes, to humanize him a bit more. 
The text here largely just tells the straightforward story of how the boy ended up with the 'Lilian PTSD'.  I'm planning on playing this one pretty straight, by the way.  He's not going to be cured with a single blowjob and an ice cream cone.  The narrative element didn't wind up being as horrific as I'd initially planned, but it's fine, I think.  The issue would be more about the changeovers, and the fact that nobody's really noticing his anguish, than anything else.  Of course, since these are pretty much all square resolutions, I've got like 1200 characters tops for each of these pages.  So we'll see how much of the story I'm able to tell.


Another day, another dollar.  Not really, I don't get paid shit for any of this.  People have suggested that I go on Patreon or something, but fuck that.  I'm old school.  Plus, if I actually start making money off this, the chances of somebody losing their shit and trying to dox me go up like 100-fold.  Ideology doesn't get people moving at anywhere near the rate that Jealousy does.
Anyway, Friday's the rest of the SuperSoft Ritual Video set, and then next week is mostly going to be Lilian PTSD, and probably some kind of one-off 2 pager on Wednesday. 

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