Monday, February 22, 2016

Lilian PTSD 2 Retrospective

Well, I said I was going to play this one straight, and I feel like I have.  I may have written too much, though. 

Also, for some reason, Lilian PTSD is like 'the hot shit' when it comes to pageviews.  I really don't get it.  The things I think will be fire, aren't.  Then the throwaway one-offs become the new fucking paradigm.  Clearly I don't have my finger on the pulse of the /ss/.


But anyway, let's start with the first picture.  I didn't initially want to write this much, but I ended up doing it anyway, because the backgrounds for these pictures were like, nothing, and that allowed me to write more.  Hopefully it doesn't look to weird.  The picture itself is just your standard nursing handjob style, although he's not actually nursing.  I looked hard for other pics featuring these two, and only found one more, of the boy fucking 'some lady', which I might use as an outro, but I also might not.  We'll see.
The text is halfway between a storyline intro, and a sexual narrative.  I feel like I split them up reasonably well, although the sexual element kind of describes the picture.  There's still some context, so it's cool, but you know.  The story elements are largely a romance story in miniature, with the sexual elements serving as capoffs to the romance story 'chapter'.  We'll see how you fags feel about that.

The second picture is kind of an odd one, since she looks so nonchalant, about getting fucked.  Hot dog in a hallway effect?  Who knows?  Still a decent picture.  This artist is lit, fam :)
The text is divided into story and sex again.  The story bits start to kind of reveal/explain the passage of time here, although it's never explicitly stated.  Basically, Olive is staying with the High Priestess for like a month, while she pampers him, and does her best to help him through his PTSD.  I'm going to try to make it clear, in the next bit, that the process is something that takes a long time, and it's something that never really ends.  PTSD, in the real world, changes your brain structure.  So combat vets and dog-bite victims will have a different 'trigger', but that trigger will largely do the same sort of thing, in their brain.  And in fact, they'll often have the same sorts of heightened fight of flight response, to things that wouldn't really phase a person who didn't have PTSD.  Or at least that's what the lady at the VA told me.  Right along with, "It doesn't get better, but you get better at dealing with it", and "You should try going to mosque more". 
Anyway, I tried to include more elements of her kind of being a High Priestess too, which came out in the story here, while they came out in the sex, on the next page.  The sex here is actually kind of a departure, although I sort of like it.  I like the idea that while the Lilians are largely really femdommy, the women themselves aren't totally averse to mild levels of sexual submission, or rough sex, especially when it's with a boy, who, realistically, can't do all that much to them.  I might work Olive's apparent adeptness in domination, into his outro. 

The third picture is another one that I ended up chopping up heavily, to get more space for the text.  There was originally a whole shitload of japanese moany looking text at the top of this picture, but I took it out, and replaced it with my own worthless scribbles.  One of the things that I really like about this pic, is that while he's on top, he's also tied up, and she's basically wrapped around him like a spider.  It's a nice little... dichotomy?  Is that the right word?  Duality?  Dualism?  You guys know what I'm trying to say. 
The text for this one is looooong, but I feel like it's kind of necessary, if I'm going to do this topic justice.  Or even try.  The story is basically just advancing the story.  They move to BDSM, but since he's all traumatized and shit, it's slow going.  Hopefully this doesn't feel too hokey, by the way.  I know there's an element of 'underdog sports movie' to it.  But then, there's a reason like a zillion of those dumbshit films have been made, so maybe I'm the dumbshit for not liking them.
The sexual element kind of builds on the last page a bit, and describes a couple of the coping tools that the High Priestess is giving Olive.  They're all religious, because of course they are.  What are they gonna do, art therapy?  Well maybe.  I added in a little bit of an outro to this, with Olive kind of meeting the challenge, and succeeding.  Hopefully that came out right.  It kinda took a while to write, although that may have been because I kept getting distracted.  


So wednesday's going to be a one-shot focused on Acolyte practices in the Major and Regional Temples, using art from Pandora's Box.   Friday will be the conclusion to Lilian PTSD, and next week will probably be... Shit, I don't know.  Maybe the last part of SuperSoft, and like a collegehumor-esque 'The 10 Janes you'll encounter on outcalls' clickbait thing, using more art from Pandora's Box.  Yeah, expect to see a lot of PBX for a little while.  There's a lot to use, and if you can get beyond the 'South-Vietnamese Election Poster' smiles of the characters, the art's actually pretty deece.  

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