Monday, February 22, 2016

Lilian PTSD 2

This is the second part of Lilian PTSD.  There's one last bit.  This one covers the High Priestess' monthlong(?) healing process with Olive. 


Starting him off slow
Even giving the blank check
But always, she doms


 49685093 - After shooing the mob of women away, I turned my attention to Olive's sisters.  One of them tried to apologize, but poor Olive was traumatized, and he didn't want to be touched.  I sent the sisters home, and told my personal slave, who was waiting dutifully outside, to clear my schedule, and inform Olive's mother of the situation.  Then, I grabbed the softest towel from the rack, and wrapped little Olive up in my arms, to carry him to my chambers.  By the time I laid him down on my soft bed, he was already fast asleep, so I tucked him in, and gave him some space.  Over the next week, I had him stay over with me, and we talked things out.  No sex, but a lot of affection, and I made sure to *listen*.  Eventually, during one of our bathing times, I noticed that he'd gotten hard.  It was the first time, since the incident, that I'd seen his stiffy, so, with my warmest smile, I asked if he'd like to play.  His reserved nod was sweet and sad, but also quite adorable.  I laid him across my lap like a little baby, and offered my warm nipple to him, while I crept my fingers up his tender thighs, to his twitching boyhood.  I stroked him slow and steady, cradling his head in my arms, and cooing to him, even as he stiffened and moaned beneath my fingers.  As he came, it was like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, and we embraced and giggled, before retiring back to my chambers for more fun!

51529066 - That first burst of pleasure and cathartic release didn't cure little Olive, not by a long shot.  But it was a good start.  Over the next few days, we'd spend our evenings in, reading from the gospel, talking about life and love, and of course, *making love*.  The unfortunate incident had almost pressed a reset button on Olive's sexuality, and he had a lot of catching up to do, if he was going to re-enter the world of Lilian Love.  It's a High Priestess' job to make sure her boys are all ready to serve, so I gave him free reign to explore, and use me as he pleased.  He started off quite timidly, almost refusing to be on top, but soon enough, he started to get more confident, and even aggressive!  One night, things were getting heavy between us, when he pushed me onto my stomach, and, with all the strength of a nine year old, "held me down", and pounded me up the ass.  It was actually pretty fun, and I don't get fucked like that often!  But 3 orgasms in, when I turned to playfully growl at my little tiger, I saw that what I *thought* were little pleasure whimpers, was actually Olive crying!  Well, I rolled over on my side, dried his little eyes, and told him how much *better* it is, when you *make love*, instead of just fucking.  Well, he cried even more after that, but it was a *healing* cry!

53273483 - As much as I did enjoy Olive's 'wild side', a good slave should be able to sub, and with Olive's history, I knew it might be tough to find him a mistress, if I couldn't *prove* that he was fully 'service set'.  So the final weeks of Olive's *acute* healing time, was all about BDSM.  I knew this would be tough.  More than once, our facesitting sessions had to become snuggle sessions.  For a while, his bonds had to be breakaway.  There were even certain 'styles' of mounting him, that could cause problems at first.  But with lots of time, lots of work, and lots of love, little Olive was finally able to submit to me, as he would to Our Goddess.    When I'm domming, I like a more active, passionate, experience.  I decided to tie Oliver's hands, but still have him be on top, for his first *real* bondage experience since the incident.  He was such a little trooper!  His palms were sweating as I tied the bonds on him, and for a second, his shallow breaths and little racing eyes almost made me stop, but when his cock pushed home, I knew that he'd be okay.  He was almost zenlike in his thrusting, doing his best to remember the mantras and prayers that we'd practiced beforehand.  I just laid back, wrapped myself around him, and enjoyed his devotion.  I felt him start to flag for a second, but when I brought him up for a kiss and a quick prayer, he was back in full form, and bringing me off like nobody's business!  When he plunged deeply into me, clutching and pulling at my calves, and moaning into my bosom, as he spilled his love into me, I knew he was ready to see his sisters again. 

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