Friday, February 26, 2016

Lilian PTSD 3 Retrospective

Yeah, these are either going to be considered really good, or really bad.  I feel like I blew through them super quick, which might mean that I did a bad job, or it might mean the opposite.  Not really sure.  Anyway, I'm on schedule, for what that's worth. 


I'm gonna continue today's tradition of not giving a shit, by going back to my old format of retrospectiving. 

These were relatively easy to write, they kinda flow into each other.  When you're dealing with a 1x1 picture, you only get like 800-1000 characters, so what would be a single page normally, becomes 2 pages.  There isn't a huge amount of sexual narrative here, but you do get some nice scenes on the second page.  I think the pictures are the real draw for this one.  MigChip's stuff is pretty nice, very Agata-esque. 
I kinda wish that either the Priestess character had been in the pics, or that I'd given him 2 sisters, instead of 3, so that the Priestess is the one snuggling him up from behind, but whatever, this way makes the sisters seem like they've kinda learned their lesson, which is good.  I decided against using this last picture as a type of outro, where he gets slightly dommy, and attracts a mistress, because he's like 8 or 9 at this point, and that's too early to canonically be marrying him off.  Overall I think these are okay, even if they don't really convey much information. 


May or may not experiment with going back to the old style of retrospective, we'll see.  Next week is probably (if I don't take the week off) going to be SuperSoft, and another PBX one-off. 

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