Friday, February 26, 2016

Lilian PTSD 3

This is the final installment of Lilian PTSD.  It covers Olive's reunification with his sisters and mother, who we never actually see.


Kinda phoned it in this time
Throw it in the bin like grime?


 51179388 - Little Olive and I had really grown to adore one another, and I was pleased to see his 'mojo' coming back, but you know, there comes a time when these baby birds have to leave the nest.  *My* slave had been very patient, but I could tell that he was missing our alone time.  So when Olive was ready, I wanted to get him back home, where he belonged.  We'd sent some Priestesses and Acolytes to his mother and sisters, for sexual relief, of course, but also, more importantly, for guidance.  Clearly there was a disconnect somewhere, and we needed to make sure that whatever issue existed, was 100% resolved, before we put Olive back into the mix.  I oversaw Olive's first session with his sisters, but I took a step back, and let them work things out amongst themselves.  It seems that the training took, because Olive's initial apprehension soon melted, in the caring and supportive arms of his sisters.

50915182 - I make sure to bring Olive at least once a month, for checkups.  His whole family's a bit more involved with the Temple these days, but his sisters have taken a particular shine to the service.  They largely get their 'needs' met through the acolytes and students, but every night, they team up to give little Olive a loving, *pleasurable*, time.  His eldest sister will normally start, wrapping him up in her arms, and kissing up his tummy, to his neck, before bringing him in close, for a long, sensuous, snuggle and snog.  His other sisters will join in, each taking him in turn, enveloping his lithe form in warmth and love.  When everybody's ready, they'll take turns pampering him, bringing him off with their hands, tongues, and tits, before gently sliding him where he *really* wants to go!  It might seem like they're spoiling him, but I make sure to give little Olive a workout during our little visits.  Don't worry, he's *more* than service set!

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