Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lilian PTSD 1

This is the first little installment of the poorly named Lilian PTSD set.  It introduces the characters and the overall plot.


2 Many Hoes
Actin Like Foes


 50992454 - Porn isn't real.  It never has been, and it never will be.  It isn't real in the Jehovan world, and it isn't real in ours.  As obvious as patronizing at that sounds, it needs to be said, again and again.  Every single year, our priestesses are forced to take certain boys under their wing, pulling them out of their regular schooling, and even taking them out of their homes, in order to give them the healing love that become necessary after a foolish Lilian treats them like a toy.  I myself have been in this situation, with an adorable little one named Olive.  His sisters decided that they'd throw a little party in the Temple pool's locker room.  Now these things aren't totally unheard of, people have sex all over the Temple, and locker room orgies are a pretty common porno scene, that people like to live out.  But porn isn't real.

50349363 - Poor little Olive was, and is, a very good and obedient boy.  When his 3 sisters asked him to swallow a little blue pill, and come with them into the locker room, he did as he was told.  When they ordered him to strip and jerk off, he obeyed.  When a crowd formed, taking turns playing with him, his sisters said he was a rented acolyte, and of course, little Olive made no corrections.  When I walked into the locker room after my evening laps, I noticed the commotion, and of course, I went to investigate.  What I found, was shameful.  Poor olive was laid out on the hard tile, being used as a toy, by 3 women.  The women, to their credit, at least had his head resting on the soft, plump thighs of our Temple's cook, so he'd be somewhat comfortable while a teenage girl rode his face, and another, older, woman took his cock.  The aforementioned cook had his hands firmly planted on her tits, and was basically just massaging herself with *his* hands.  When I pulled them off, I quickly noticed that this was *not* one of my acolytes!

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